6 Gifts That Will Inspire Your Mother-in-Law to Treat You Like Family

Your husband may think you’re crazy, but you feel a certain pressure every year to buy your Mother-in-Law the perfect gift. As loving and caring as she may be, she’s equally as tough to please. After all, you took away her baby… How can you expect your gift to make up for her baby boy’s absence? Avoid the risk of disappointing her this holiday season and buy her one of these thoughtful gifts.

For the elegant Mother-in-Law who loves luxury and always smells like a spring garden, win her approval by gifting her a few items from the Rodin Olio Lusso Holidot Collection. With 11 essential oils providing an arsenal of hydration and nourishment, the Jasmine Neroli body oil will make you want to hug her every time she wears it since the scent is beyond compare. Of course it would be rude if you didn’t get her the matching iconic face oil. And while you’re at it, can you imagine the brownie points you will rack up when you throw in the complementing scented candle? Every time you annoy her all she has to do is light the majestic pillar candle and the aroma of jasmine and neroli will take her to her happy place.

Your MIL is bound to be skeptical when she opens up this gift set of copper-infused gloves, socks, and eye mask, but after four weeks of use she will start treating you like you’re one of her own. The socks, gloves and eye mask are embedded with copper and are “clinically proven to reduce the appearance of hand wrinkles and age spots and to repair and replenish moisture to rough, dry feet and cracked heels in just four week.” As your MIL’s heels soften so will her attitude towards you.

Whether your MIL has dogs or a husband who smokes a pipe, you always wrinkle your nose every time you visit. Give her the subtly passive aggressive gift that will solve her home’s odor issues while looking chic sitting on the mantle. Using technology that creates a hypoallergenic, subtle scent effect, the powerful little unit is fully adjustable to any room size or configuration. If your MIL is technically savvy she will love the smartphone app that she can use to customize her preferences and cue the Aera remotely on poker night.

Your MIL would never settle for a mall-bought candle housed in a boring clear jar. Buy her the candle she will proudly light when her most judgemental friends visit. A love letter to sandalwood and cardamom, this candle can pass for holiday festive but can still charm the senses every month of the year.

If your MIL has an enviable vanity that looks almost too decorative to be practical, she will fall in love with this collectible brush from Artis. This unique palm brush can be used to apply and blend everything from foundation, concealer and setting powder to self-tanner, moisturizer and sunscreen. Whether your MIL uses this everyday or simply displays it on her exquisite vanity, you can count on being in her good graces for at least another year.

Your MIL is such a do-gooder so she will love that this gift box from clean beauty gurus Beauty Heroes donated $1000 and sponsored a girl for a year in getting her higher education as part of this Giving is Beautiful collaboration project. Good deeds aside, this box of treasures from Kahina Giving Beauty (you choose either Eucalyptus or rose) include traditional Moroccan Beldi Soap, a Kessa Mitt, Essaouira Body Serum, and Essaouira Perfume Oil. Ringing in at about $100 worth of merchandise for $45 for Eucalyptus and $48 for rose, you’ll want to pick up one of these limited-edition sets for yourself to keep yourself detoxed, exfoliated and smelling amazing in the new year.,

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