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6 Grooming Lessons You Can Learn From Stylish Italian Men

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By Megan Gustashaw for GQ.

The stylish Italian men we follow at the fashion shows and Pitti Uomo might favor bold colors and a pile-up of accessories with their wardrobes, but when it comes to grooming, they tend to keep things classic. As in, no frills. And it's the right move to make when wearing a dapper suit and an armful of bracelets like they often do. After all, there's no need to get crazy with your haircut (that is, unless you're Zayn Malik) or the amount of product you slather on every morning. Just take these guys--some of our favorite Italian style gods--as proof of the few-but-necessary grooming moves you need to look your best.

1. Slick & Sweep Your Hair Back
Getty Images

The goal is to look like you just got out of an Italian roadster. Need help figuring all that out? Read this.

2. Don't Shave Religiously
Getty Images

A scruffy face makes it look like you don't care too much. (A necessary touch when you're wearing serious tailoring.)

3. Keep Your Hair Color Natural (And Your Accessories Loud)
Getty Images

Swap bleached hair for add-ons that command just as much attention.

4. Get A Little Sun
Getty Images

If you don't look like you just got back from a week in Sardinia, you're doing it wrong.

5. Rock Your Natural Texture
Getty Images

Don't pull a Justin Timberlake. If you've got curls or waves, give them room to breathe.

6. Embrace The Aging Process
Getty Images

Wrinkles make you look more distinguished anyway. (Just maybe skip the chain smoking.)

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