6 Healthy Tools For Your Small-Medium Tech Startup

Starting a small or medium sized tech company is a big step. They are popping up all over these days and to take on the journey yourself can be a competitive one. If you have already taken the initial step to get started, there are a few tools that you may be needing to help you stay healthy, happy and on the road to success.

A Quality Laptop

It's the first step to starting and running your tech startup. Your lap top will be your money maker and because of that, you are going to need one with a good bit of quality. Whether you are a PC lover or biased towards the MAC, a reliable laptop will be essential if you want to succeed. Take your time in researching the top options for your needs by consulting comparison sites, shopping around, and exploring the features against your purposes to make an investment that you can feel good about.

A Laptop Stand

Sitting in a chair all day is simply bad for your health. According to the studies and popular books such as Dr. James Levine's book, "Get Up! Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can do About it," frequent sitting can be detrimental to health even if you exercise. But, unfortunately for those in the tech world, a life at a desk chair is extremely common. By purchasing a laptop stand, you can position your computer at a higher level, allowing you to stand while you work. Spend a few hours standing up and a few hours sitting down to give your back a break and work on your posture.

A Smart Phone

Even though laptops are getting smaller and smaller these days, the tiniest one doesn't beat a smart phone. With so many tools and applications for checking emails, staying productive and keeping up with your business, they make it easy to work while running from place to place in the hectic startup world. You'll always have access to your information, contacts and clients if you have a smart phone in your pocket.

Laptop & Mobile Device Protection

While it's not exactly tangible, this tool may be one of the most important. By investing in a laptop and mobile device protection service you can protect all of the data that exists on your actual devices and in your cloud. Arming yourself with a service that provides disaster recovery solutions will help you back up all of your systems so that you don't lose everything you've worked so hard to build.

A USB Battery Pack

If you're changing countries, waiting on public transit or just want to work from the comfort of the beach, having a battery pack can be a life saver. Charge it up when you have the chance and enjoy longer work sessions in more remote areas. Plus, having one of these charged up and in your bag can save you if you find yourself without an ability to find an outlet.

A Quality Backpack

This one is absolutely essential for any startup employee who is dealing with international business deals. While practicing minimalism is one of the keys to success, finding a backpack that is small enough to be a carry-on but big enough to house all of your important items is key. Osprey is a highly used brand and one that many traveling employees and entrepreneurs recommend. Choose one with a day pack attached so that you can easily pack up for little adventures on your breaks from work.

Any seasoned startups out there? What do you recommend?