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6 Important Lessons We Learned From The Woman Who Changed Her Destiny

6 Important Lessons We Learned From The Woman Who Changed Her Destiny

One look at Momoi Kaori and you might suspect she has things figured out. Best known as a Japanese actress who's starred in more than 60 films (you might remember her as the mother from Memoirs of a Geisha), she has dabbled in careers far from her thespian talents, like singing, dancing, jewelry designing and writing--everything from essays to screenplays.

But at second glance, you gain a sense of her unwavering tenacity, the driving force behind her ability to swiftly and fluidly redefine her destiny for more than 63 years--yes, 63--each time she was ready for a new challenge.

That's why we paired up with SK-II's long-time beauty brand ambassador to bring you these 6 inspiring quotes from the woman who wrote the book on course correcting your destiny in pursuit of living your most authentic life.

1. On happiness:

2. On anxiety:

3. On following your heart:

4. On embarrassment:

5. On expectations:

6. On failure:

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*Disclaimer: Kantar Worldpanel Consumer Panel Data, from Sept 2012 to Sept 2013. Based on consumer panel from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

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