6 Ingredients or Less: 15 Surprisingly Simple Recipes

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It's amazing how many delicious dishes you can make with only a handful of ingredients. From Mirin Glazed Salmon to Scottish Shortbread, these recipes will have you in and out of the kitchen in no time.


Adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks, Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson, this is an elegant and remarkably easy dish. Most of the ingredients are straight out of the pantry, and you can have it on the table in 20 minutes. GET THE RECIPE


In this refreshing winter fruit salad, oranges, grapefruits and pomegranate arils are soaked in their own juices. The fruit soaks up the syrup, and the syrup is so good you'll want to drink it straight from the bowl. GET THE RECIPE


This classic salad of peppery arugula, fresh lemon, olive oil and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano is simple yet incredibly satisfying. GET THE RECIPE


For a fun family dinner, set out all the ingredients and kids can make these mini pizzas all by themselves. GET THE RECIPE


These sweet and spicy roasted carrots make a fabulous side dish, but they're also a treat on their own. They're like vegetable candy. GET THE RECIPE


AKA "kale crack" because they're so addictive, these crispy chips are made from one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. They're salty, sweet and spicy; and the sesame seeds add nutty flavor and heft. GET THE RECIPE


This is one of my go-to recipes when I have to hit the kitchen running. It takes just twenty minutes to make, I always have the ingredients on hand, my kids love it as much as I do, and there's barely any clean-up. GET THE RECIPE


Homemade applesauce is richly flavored, tart and sweet -- almost like apple pie filling -- and a world apart from store-bought. Serve it warm out of the oven for instant comfort. GET THE RECIPE


This dish involves layering thinly sliced potatoes with heavy cream and Parmesan cheese, and then baking until the cream reduces and blankets the potatoes in a rich, creamy sauce. The dish is worthy of a special occasion but, truthfully, eating it is a special occasion in and of itself. GET THE RECIPE


Calling all beet lovers! These beets are oven roasted, which enhances their natural sweetness, and then tossed in a tart and syrupy balsamic reduction. Serve them as a side dish or keep them in the fridge for snacking and tossing over salads. GET THE RECIPE


When you roast chickpeas at a high temperature, they become deliciously crisp on the outside and buttery inside. They're as addictive as French fries! GET THE RECIPE


Start the day off right with a delicious smoothie. This one is a little sweet, a little tart and a whole lot of healthy. GET THE RECIPE


Adapted from Alice Medrich's Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies, these gluten-free meringues are sweet, salty, and light as a cloud. Enjoy them as is or pile them into a bowl with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. GET THE RECIPE


Chocolate Fondue is the ultimate family dessert -- because there's nothing like a bowl of melted chocolate surrounded by cookies and marshmallows to keep kids lingering at the table for a very, very long time. GET THE RECIPE


Everything you need for this buttery, crisp shortbread is probably already in your pantry. The cookies are wonderful with coffee or tea any time of day. GET THE RECIPE