6 Life Lessons I Learned From Making My Morning Coffee

Keep your pot full, drink it sweet and no, Mexico won't pay for a wall.

1. Don't skimp on life's sweet moments.

Go ahead, take that vacation, splurge on that birthday dinner, and yes, add that second -- or third -- sugar packet to your morning brew. Be glad you are alive, healthy and don't be afraid to walk on the wild side once in a while. Flirt with living dangerously. Shock your friends. And remember that nobody ever feels like they can afford the sweet things in life, and that's a shame really. 

2. The only thing worse than making too much coffee is not making enough.

We get it: Nobody wants to be wasteful. As a result, though, too many of us tend to err on the side of thriftiness. But when a neighbor pops over unexpectedly and there's nothing left in the coffee pot, it's a missed opportunity. Don't miss a single chance for warm conversation. Don't miss out on helping others either. Our lives are richer because of the people we allow in them. If your pot is empty, just go brew another one and don't let the people you love think they aren't worth it.

3. Treat yourself to the good stuff once in a while.

We like the taste of great coffee, but don't always like the price. But as L'Oreal always said, you're worth it. Nobody goes broke because they occasionally treat themselves well. Don't be like Alec. Alec tells people to put their coffee down. At least a young Alec did, but maybe he's older and wiser now.

4. Don't let anyone pull a fast one on you.

Nobody likes being ripped off. We all know that what used to buy you a pound of coffee now just gets you 12 ounces, even though the package is still the same size. Coffee companies: We weren't fooled. We can read. We can also clip coupons and wait for sales. We can even stomach green tea if you push us far enough. Don't patronize businesses or people who try and pull fast ones over on you, no matter how much you think you love them.


5. Repeating things enough times doesn't make them so.

Not to name any names, but there is way too much anger out there these days. While our desire for some things may be strong and we wish we could have our way all the time, simply insisting that "there will be a wall" and "Mexico will pay for it" does not make it so. No matter how many times it is repeated. Same is true when you are stuck in traffic and really want coffee.

6. Measuring matters; it really, really matters.

Who are we kidding? Of course the numbers in our life matter. So does paying attention to the details. When you guesstimate the amount of water or just eyeball the coffee instead of measuring it by the spoonful, you run the risk of drinking sludge. Pay attention to the details because they indeed do matter. Focus does indeed require strength, Mrs. Underwood.



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