6 Men, A Bed, Some Cameras And A Podcast

Meet Reid Waterer

On this Queer Money, we talk with short-film writer and director, Reid Waterer, about his current movie, Bed Buddies, what it takes to become a movie director and Reid's thoughts on success. Reid's written and directed other successful queer shorts such as Foreign Relations, Daddy's Big Girl and The Deviants.

His award-winning shorts, such as Deviants and You Can't Curry Love, have played over 200 film festivals on six continents. Reid lives and works in Los Angles as an editor of trailers and TV advertising for movies and television shows, including The Hangover, Transparent, Grace & Frankie and Mamma Mia!

From the Struggle to Success

Reid was inspired to get into movies in high school and shares what took him from being in front of the camera to being behind the camera. His story of going from being a messenger for Peter Bogdanovich, the director of great films such as The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon, What's Up Doc and Mask, to being an award winning movie director in his own right will inspire and inform anyone just starting out their career.

Reid sums up the difference between success and failure to give anyone struggling for success the motivation to stick to it.

Bed Buddies

Bed Buddies is the story of what happens when three close friends accidentally have sex. It portrays how they reconcile their relationship. It gives color to unique challenges gays and lesbians sometimes face with gay and lesbian friends and challenges the traditional view of plural relationships.

Bed Buddies Trailer