6 Monsters Killing Your Writing Ability


When was the last time you sat down to write, and all you could generate was the flashing cursor on your screen? Has it ever happened to you? Recently, I was writing a post for my site and encountered a severe case of "what am I supposed to write next?" I identified these six monsters and took action to eliminate, or at least tame them.

Up until the moment I encountered these issues, I had been cranking out thousands of words (About 10,00) almost daily. I do this while working full-time, attending college full-time, being a father to three children, a husband to a wonderful wife, and managing an up and coming online business.

So, how do I do it?

First, like any writer, I deal with an issue known as "writer's block." It is real, I promise. If you have been writing for any length of time, you know what I am talking about. What I discovered through my experience is that my surroundings either contribute to me producing valuable content, or it hinders my ability to write well.

Here are six monsters hindering your ability to write valuable content:

Music: There are certain types of music that help boost your creative ability to write. Then again, there are types of music which will inhibit your ability to write amazing content. Find your sweet spot. For me, I listen to either classical music or smooth jazz. Cheesy, I know. Some hard rock may work for you, but for me, it kills my ability to create well.

Excessive Tabs Open: I will confess that I have been guilty of allowing at least fifteen tabs open in my browser at one time. If the first window you open before you begin to write is a social media site, you are killing your chances of producing epic content. Close the tabs. It can wait.

Checking Your Smartphone, Repeatedly: Impulsive much? There are numerous studies proving how impulsive our behavior has become with our smartphones. Many people will check their smartphones more than a half-dozen times in less than one minute. Turn. It. Off. It will be difficult, but you will survive.

Lack of Clarity: I have found it easier to keep track of ideas for articles and other writing topics by writing them down as they come to me. Maybe you would benefit, like I have, from giving yourself some time of complete silence before writing. If you have kids, chances are, this will only happen when they are at school or asleep.

Television: Who watches television anymore? Other than an occasional sitcom or sports show, I have almost eliminated television from my life (College football season presents a challenge for me.) Turn the television off before you plan to write.

Location: Maybe your place to write is in your bedroom, your closet (If you have kids), or outside. If you find yourself stuck after eliminating the above five things, maybe you should consider changing the environment from where you write.

These six things may sound ridiculously simple. However, they are real hindrances to writing. Find your "sweet-spot" when it comes to writing. Find your ideal place to write. These are not all-inclusive. All of them do not apply to everyone, but, it has allowed me to become a better, more productive writer.

What are some things that distract your ability to write excellent content?

This article was orginally featured on www.DukeMatlock.com.