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6 New York Yogis Share Their Post-Practice Snacks

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Walk down any New York City street and you'll see people with mats slung over their shoulders, as well as endless food options. Here's what six urban practitioners eat after yoga.

Some say that what we eat after we work out is the most important food we'll eat in a day. Our body is highly receptive to what we put into it in the 30 to 45 minutes after exercise when our muscles require protein and carbohydrates to repair. When it comes to eating after yoga practice, there's even more reason to be discerning. The practice doesn't only affect us on a physical level, but it shifts us in many subtle ways as well. Eating foods that are wholesome and Ayurvedically appropriate is important to our overall sense of balance, which is why for many practitioners, what they eat in summer is different than in winter, just as it's different in morning as at night. We polled a few New York-based yoga practitioners to hear what foods they incorporate into their days to stay balanced and nourished.

Allie Mazur, director of growth operations at Exubrancy, an office wellness company based in New York City
For a perfect breakfast after a morning yoga session, I toast two Ezekiel Buckwheat waffles, drizzle them with a bit of olive oil (for healthy fats!), then smash fresh raspberries on top of them--a much healthier sweetener than syrup.

Maria Macsay, yoga and fitness instructor
It really depends on how my body is feeling that day and what it's asking for. Many times it's a delicious vegan smoothie and other days it's an egg sandwich or a leafy green salad.

Sara Miller, yoga teacher and associate director, partnerships and brand development at
After morning practice I'll eat overnight oats with chia seeds and peanut butter. After evening class I'll have red wine and Brussels sprouts. Trust me.

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