This Is What Trans Looks Like

Here's what these trans folk want you to know.

A group of six transgender people recently sat down for a candid conversation about the realities of transgender identity and what being trans means to them.

Produced by filmmaker Jake Graf, the video aims to feature a light tone while discussing these issues in contrast to what tends to be more heavy framing of these conversations. The t-shirts for the video were provided by FTM Magazine.

The five trans men and one trans women highlighted discuss a number of issues throughout the course or the video, including the nuances of using public restrooms and hormone replacement therapy.

"The last year has been so amazing for trans male visibility," Graf told HuffPost UK. "All of a sudden there are trans men on magazines and on television, but on a weekly basis I still see the heartbreaking account of another young trans man having killed himself, as a result of bullying, family rejection or simply the long wait for help and recognition. I am painfully aware of how far we still have to go."

Check out the video above.

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