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6 Perfect Dip Recipes For Your Next Party

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Dips are meant to be appetizers and snacks, however, whenever I encounter one that I like it ends up becoming my entire meal. Here are six of my favorites dip recipes that always end up as dinner, and maybe even lunch the next day.

Spicy Corn Dip
This Spicy Corn Dip is easy to make and super addicting. It's by far the most popular recipe on The Chic Site.
Green Chicken Enchilada Dip
I'm convinced everything tastes better in dip form and I'm a big fan of green chicken enchiladas. So, obviously, I turned the dish into a dip!
Grilled Jalapeño Popper Dip
With just the right amount of heat from the grilled jalapeños everyone is sure to love this dip!
Caramelized Onion Dip
This is super easy to make and tastes even better than that simple onion powdered dip you're used to.
Parmesan Onion Dip
This dip is so delicious I end up spreading it on everything from crostinis to veggies to even turkey sandwiches.
Cheesy Bean Dip
Who doesn't love a hot and cheesy dip? I dare say it's one of my favorite comfort foods!

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