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6 Points to Live By

Starting is the hardest part, then consistency. Take the leap to start then consciously choose to make good decisions that benefit you, and your goals.
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cheering woman hiker open arms at mountain peak cliff
cheering woman hiker open arms at mountain peak cliff

Each day you have a choice to accomplish what you believe is a priority in your life. Whether it is completing that project for work, realizing your own personal ideas, reading that book, or seeing the people you care about.

What's the wait though? Is it the wrong time or wrong circumstances?

You have a choice to procrastinate and put off any plans that may have been in your mind. It is easy to choose a path that distracts you from your goals. Reading a magazine, watching TV, surfing the web or taking that nap.

A few things to ensure that you realize your path and stick to it.

1. Creating a list of what you have to do for the day and number by priority. It is extremely rewarding to cross items off. It is important to focus on the tasks and not to complete it just do complete it. That's called going through the motions and it doesn't count. I often find myself doing this with dry books and I have to reread what I just worked on. If you can't focus on the task, how much are you really getting out of it? See the benefit of the task and reap the results.

2. Be present in the moment, it is so easy to look ahead or in the past, and not to realize what is in front of you. I've been attending yoga classes lately and there is a pose where you flex your arms out (warrior pose). One arm in front is the future and the other is in the past. You try to reach both arms as far as you can but you are told to focus on your breath. Your head and heart are directly between your out-stretched arms and you're completely balances, physically and spiritually.

3. Breathing through actions that are tough to get through. I've been dedicated to this point for a long time and have been able to practice breathing in stressful moments. When doubt start to sink in, I try to just breathe. When I breath I imagine the ocean waves that break against the shore. The sound and rhythm I try to match. It works, I promise!

4. Today is the best day to start anything. You are not getting any younger and if you don't work on your ideas, they will pass to someone else who will have the courage to execute those ideas. Getting your feet under any idea can be extremely hard but with risk taking comes big reward. This ideal also falls back on one of the most impactful quotes that I've heard, "the graveyard is full of ideas, inventions, and innovations that were never acted upon." Don't let your ideas leave with you, share them, and act!

5. Is the glass half full or half empty? I'm a firm believer that one of the only things that you can do is to control your attitude in life. How you react to the world and what you experience is in your control, everything else that happens, isn't. If you believe that the world is trying to screw you over, you'll witness it. If you believe that the world is good, you will be amazed and moved by the kindness that you witness on a daily basis.

6. You are the company you keep. There is a reason why this expression sticks. It is human nature to be influenced by your friends. With time you can start matching the way they talk, think, and dress. You have every opportunity to surround yourself with people who support your dreams. Surround yourself with great people, they'll help you be a better yourself!

All these things are great suggestions, but if you don't put any into action, they're worthless.

Starting is the hardest part, then consistency. Take the leap to start then consciously choose to make good decisions that benefit you, and your goals.


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