6 Quick Ways to Renew Your Bathroom

6 Quick Ways to Renew Your Bathroom
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Many homeowners like their bathrooms to have a bright, spa-like atmosphere. Unfortunately, it's easy to go too far and end up with a cold, clinical appearance. These six design tips will add energy and warmth to your bathroom without drastically changing your decor.

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1. Experiment with patterns

Use fun patterns to break up a white bathroom. Adding a few eye-catching elements doesn't have to require a big commitment. Patterned hand towels and colorful prints are perfect for your bathroom walls. You can swap out simple accents when you want to freshen up your bathroom's look.

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2. Add a touch of cream

Another way to escape the clinical feel of an all-white bathroom is to mix in a few pops of off-white. Try softening the look of your white bathroom with cream-colored towels or other small accessories. Off-white items allow the bright white of your porcelain to shine through while giving your bathroom a warm, lived-in look.

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3. Go natural

The waterproof materials found in most bathrooms can feel a bit cold and stark without some visual warmth to balance them out. Natural accents add an earthy, organic feel to a bathroom. Try adding a few wooden or stone accessories and woven baskets to your bathroom for a warmer aesthetic. Animal prints can have a similar warming effect. Embrace your wild side with a few animal-printed towels.

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4. Change up your hardware

Many homeowners overlook cabinet hardware when updating their decor. New knobs and drawer pulls can add a dash of personality to your bathroom. Choose from rustic, elegant or quirky pulls, depending on your personal style. New cabinet hardware is one of the most budget-friendly ways to change your bathroom's look. You can always swap out your cabinet knobs to freshen the look of the room.

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5. Use a dimmer system

Your bathroom's bright lighting is essential when you're getting ready in the morning. But you might want a softer glow in the room when you unwind before bed. Using a dimmer will allow you to switch between different levels of brightness and control the lighting of your bathroom.

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6. Get creative with tile

If you're ready to make a major change in your bathroom, try creating an accent wall with a mix of colored or textured tiles. Consider using leftover sample tiles at showrooms to save money. You can use your tiles to create pops of color in an all-white wall or completely re-cover the wall in a new design. Tile work requires more planning than some other updates, so don't be afraid to call a pro if you need additional help.


Your bathroom should be just as inviting as the rest of your house. These six tips can help you achieve a clean bathroom design without sacrificing personality and warmth.

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