6 Reasons Every Internet-Based Business Person Needs To Use VPN

Everyone agrees that it is necessary to protect data and sensitive information that is shared on and over the internet.
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Everyone agrees that it is necessary to protect data and sensitive information that is shared on and over the internet. Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables a user to guard and make discrete connections to public and private networks. It provides security through the encoding and decoding of data that goes through a VPN connection.

Whether you are work more frequently on a computer or using a smartphone or tablet, you will need to use VPN still. Android phones are rated as the most vulnerable among the list of smartphones and an easy target for the cyber goons.

Itemized below are 6 reasons why you as an internet based business person needs to use VPN.

1. Optimal Security

In this time and age where everyone and everything is connected, security is a major challenge. There is a risk of viruses, hackers or damaging plug-ins once you are linked to the internet either through your smartphone or through your laptop. Even information sent is in the danger of being interrupted, diverted or changed. That is why smart businesses invest in security.

Antiviruses are not enough to protect you from these risks and that is why VPN is needed. VPNs protect every connection between your device and remote resources. Even in instances where information channels are tampered with, a VPN connection will ensure you’re safe.

If a hacker is lucky enough to violate a VPN connection, he/she would only see unreadable letters from you to a VPN server and cannot see what web pages you are connected to, what transactions you are carrying out or what mails/chat you are sending.

As an entrepreneur whose business practically lives on the internet, this is necessary to protect professional and personal transactions, client information, credit card details, and work files to avoid rivals using such information in a negative manner.

2. Online Secrecy

With a VPN connection, you can be anonymous while on the internet. Gone are those days when your name, location and personal details can be found using your IP address and ISP when you are connected to the internet through your mobile phone or pc.

A VPN allows you to hide your IP address and thus protects your personal information from being available to anyone who wants to snoop or misuse it. Hackers will only be able to see the IP address of your VPN provider whilst your personal IP address will remain hidden.

However, there are other online solutions such as web proxies but with a VPN you can surf the internet whilst being completely anonymous.

3. Access to Blocked Websites


Among the advantages of using VPN, Unblocking websites & bypassing filters are vital. Using VPN is very useful in accessing websites that are restricted and in side-stepping internet filters. Some restrictions are geographical, while some are internet service providers and others are company ban on certain social media platforms.

VPNs have a lot of presence plugs in different geographic locations and you being identified with a VPN provider’s IP address allow you evade geographical barriers.VPNs are mostly used in countries where there’s heavy restriction on access to specific web pages.

4. Enhanced Network

Generally, your internet connectivity becomes better with a VPN connection. Your bandwidth and internet routes might not be at its best performance level as a result of bandwidth limits by ISP’s. This makes browsing experience sluggish and frustrating especially with business transactions done over the internet.

In this instance, you should connect to a local VPN point of presence (POP) which routes your movement. This will enable you have a bandwidth to remote endpoints like the bandwidth available between you and your local VPN server and voila! your internet network becomes better.

5. File Sharing

VPN providers allow their users share files over a long period of time. Data sharing is faster, easy and without distance barriers as you can engage in any activity as though you are within a local network area (LAN), so even when you are at home or travelling, you can access the resources on your network at any time.

Through this, VPN increases efficiency and output within an internet based business as the excuse of distance and accessibility is removed.

6. Cost Reduction

VPN services providers are quite affordable and even if you choose to set up your own VPN server provided you have the technical know-how, the cost of maintaining it is low. Also if you decide to go with a service provider, network operations and surveillance no longer becomes your problem as the service provider handles it. Every business is constantly on the lookout for ways to be cost effective and VPN gives you that option.

There are a number of tried and efficient providers of VPN for android that are sure to give you the best of these advantages. And making an investment into one of them just might be the difference between maximum security and one big wipe-out.

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