6 Reasons Every Mom Needs a Mom Fitness Friend

Every mom needs a mom friend. And everyone needs at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day (according to health experts). When you can combine the two, you are really in good shape.
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Every mom needs a mom friend.

And everyone needs at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day (according to health experts).

When you can combine the two, you are really in good shape.

Here are 6 reasons every mom needs a mom fitness friend:

1. To stay healthy

To state the obvious, staying active is important. But I exercise even more for the mental/emotional benefits. After working out, I feel more energetic, patient, clearheaded, and happy, which all serve me well as a mom. I am also more apt to eat healthy and not binge on ice cream and Netflix (or at least not feel bad when I do).

2. To stay motivated

If I'm not held accountable for working out, chances are I won't. But making plans to meet mom friend at the park at 8A.M.? It'd be a major faux pas to just bail. So despite how lazy I feel, I bust my butt to get there, and never regret doing so.

Also, left to my own devices, I'm not likely to walk super fast. I may even start to stroll (it's so hot out, I declare!). But with mom friend next to me, I'm compelled to pick up the pace.

3. To vent

You know what's so great about walking? (Can you tell it's my workout of choice?) There is so much time for talking, and by talking I mean venting. Who doesn't need to complain every once in a while (every single day)? About anything and everything, except of course our partners (because who does that?).

And when your friend says, "Amen, sister. I can totes relate." - it does wonders for the soul.

The kids can partake, too:

Can you believe she gave me time-out?

O-M-G, not again. Can you believe she pushed up my bedtime?

--Hey guys, we can hear you!

4. It's free

Having children is expensive. Most activities require money - a trip to the museum, the aquarium, music class, tumbling, swim lessons, art lessons, and of course to the glorious Target (you know you can't leave without something).

But working out can be free, if you want it be. No need to join a gym or take a pricy class (though I love me a good Soul Cycle). You and mom friend can take the tots for a jog, a walk, a swim at the community pool, a hike, a bike-ride, or do yoga on the grass.

When in doubt, simply chase them 'chillens' around (that's as good a workout as any).

5. To have adult interaction

When you've read Go Dog Go more twenty times in a row and made every animal sound under the sun (all before noon), it's like a breath of fresh air to discuss grown up things. Even if 90 percent of your conversation ends up being about the kids, because you just can't help yourselves, it still feels awesome to speak in full sentences and not have every other word be, "No!"

6. To get outside for goodness sakes

Exercising with friends is the perfect reason to get out of the house, escape electronics, and get a break from the same old toys. My son is always in fine spirits after frolicking in nature, and he enters a real Zen place after a lengthy stroller ride. We are both much better off when we work out with our buddies. And I bet you will be, too.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a friend (I know, easier said than done -- my own search took weeks), pack a water bottle (plus snacks, diapers, wipes, backup snacks, emergency toys, an extra set of clothes, etc. and so on), round up the kids (kicking and screaming -- "But I wanna watch a show!"), and go (dog, go)! What can I say... kid's books are catchy.