6 Reasons Every Woman Needs To Travel Alone

6 Reasons Every Woman Needs To Travel Alone

A solo trip is one of the most soul-stretching adventures you'll take as a traveler. Without a companion by your side, you'll have the opportunity to do anything and everything you want (M&Ms for breakfast? Sure!). As as a result, most explorers find that they emerge from a solo journey totally refreshed and inspired.

Yet for women, there are often extra safety precautions to take. But that doesn't mean women can't or shouldn't get out there. In honor of Women's History Month, here are the many reasons every woman should take a solo trip at least once.

1. Solo travel makes you adaptable.

Missed flights, cancelled rides and changed plans make solo travelers incredibly resilient. After grappling through the ups and downs of a solo trip, you're capable of bouncing back from pretty much anything life throws your way. It's no wonder that women who travel are so darn dateable.

2. It inspires you to create.
Travel presents the perfect combination of vibrant culture, quiet time and exciting adventure that's needed to fuel a new project. These influences are felt more strongly when you're alone, making for endless creative potential.
3. After a solo trip, you'll be able to negotiate with confidence.
Getting around abroad often requires haggling a price with a street vendor, grappling your way onto an earlier flight or scrambling last-minute to find an open hostel. Solo travelers develop the ability to negotiate these situations with ease, because she's the only one there to do it for herself.
4. You'll know your strengths, and you'll hurdle over weak spots.
Solo travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of others' expectations. You'll discover just how strong you are, and come out unafraid to tackle the next weak spot head-on.
5. Travel will broaden your network of strong female friends.
A traveler comes across plenty of new faces while at it alone. And when a female traveler meshes with other strong, independent women, who knows what kind of power friendships could take shape?
6. ...and you'll realize that your occupation doesn't define you.
It takes guts to drop everything and leave the real world behind, but those who take the plunge will find that the reward is massive. While work matters, a solo trip shows you that there's no shame in pursuing what's truly important.
In short, travel empowers. And nothing is more valuable than that.

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