6 Reasons Why I Would Vote for Paris Hilton Instead of McCain

1- I like a transparent president and damn, Paris sure is. She is eager to share information about anything that happens to her and has almost nothing to hide, as proven by her [in]famous videotape. She is accountable and accepts the consequences of her actions, as shown by her stint in jail a few months ago. McCain, on the other hand, has never admitted that his support of the war has been harmful for millions of people and disastrous for the US economy.

2- Paris is very cool with her fans; she doesn't piss them off. She is a paparazzo's sweetheart. What kind of President can McCain be if he angers a family who is among his hardcore supporters? How can somebody contribute to a campaign that wastes donated money and publicly embarrasses the donors' children?

3- When it comes to foreign policy, I imagine Paris sitting down with world leaders. She definitely won't bore them to death, and they will fully listen to every single word she says. I imagine that for many of them it will be hard to say "NO" to Paris Hilton.

4- Hilton's advertisements are smart, direct, tough, funny, hot and more original than McCain's campaign ad. If Paris's ad team was working for McCain they could make more buzz in the media and solve McCain's problem regarding media attention. I like a president who knows how to approach media.

5- If making simplistic mistakes is supposed to become a tradition after President Bush, I prefer Paris Hilton to Senator McCain. It's more acceptable and fun to hear stupid mistakes from somebody like Paris Hilton than John McCain, who is proud of decades of experience in military and engagement in foreign policy. If she says "Iraqi-Pakistani border," or get confused about the difference between Shiite and Sunnis and even the timing of surge in Iraq, I might smile or laugh because it's easy to forgive her.

6- And, finally, she is "hot" and she will be a "hot" president. And who wouldn't like that?