6 Reasons Why Moms Make The Best Friends

Portrait of happy mother and daughter
Portrait of happy mother and daughter

I've never been a diehard Gilmore Girls fan, but my mom really enjoyed the show. On more than one occasion has told me that because of my passion for words and overall demeanor I remind her of Rory. I've watched she show often enough to confirm that her give-no-shits personality resembles that of Lorelai.

So recently when the news broke that there would be a new mini-season of Gilmore Girls, more than one person tagged both me and my mom in the post on Facebook. At first I was confused by this. I have never shown any interest in the show, so why would they assume I watch it? Then I realized that I think the connection came more from the relationship that my mother and I have rather than because of a mutual interest in the show.

I have no shame in admitting that my mom is one of my best friends. She's the first person I call when something happens, whether it be something excited or upsetting. We text throughout the day and talk on the phone a few times per week. It's been that way ever since I left for college and continues to be that way after graduating and moving out of the house. It will probably always be that way, and that's perfectly OK with me. Here's why moms make the best friends.

1. They've likely been through what you are going through. When I was younger I wanted no advice from my mother because she just didn't get how hard it was being a pre-teen. As I've grown up, I've learned that she actually knows what she is talking about. She went to college, she's been through breakups, she's been through best friend fallouts. She's been through life, basically. I'd be dumb not to come to her for advice on tough situations. While I don't always listen, just knowing that she's been there before is a comfort.

2. And if they haven't been through it, they'll do their damn best to lighten the load.
Obviously my life and my mother's lives haven't been identical. She's been through some things I haven't, and vice versa. For example, two and a half years ago I ended up in the hospital after drinking too much which led to me getting sober. My mom had never dealt much with alcoholism or rehab, but she dove in face first when it became something I was struggling with. At the time I hated that she was immersing herself in my business like that and I resented her for the situation I was in. As the months passed though, I realized she was doing what any good parent would do - she was making my struggle her struggle.

3. They know how to have a good time.
Depending on your relationship with your mom, you may or may not have heard some of her favorite college stories. If not, I suggest you ask because they're good for a laugh. Even though moms went to college like decades ago (sorry, moms, you're old), they can still let loose and have a good time. In fact, I've been to a few concerts with my mom lately and I was ready to leave and go to bed before the concerts were even over. My mom, however, was not. She had her beer, her cowboy hat and her dancing shoes on. No one was stopping her, myself included.

4. They want what is best for you so their intentions are always pure.
In my birthday card for my 15th birthday, my mom wrote the lyrics to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts. At the time I was like "Aw, that's nice." But it's something that's stuck with me in the 8 years since. The whole song is about hoping someone else's life is easy and happy, and really, that's all moms want for their children. They raise us to be the best people we can be and then let us out into the world, which can be a scary place. Anything and everything they do and say is in hopes that their child will have a good life. This is why their advice and wishes matter.

5. They won't lie to spare your feelings. Sometimes my mom is just straight-up blunt, and I don't always like this aspect of her personality. I get my feelings hurt easily and tend to be overly sensitive, so when my mom tells me something I am doing isn't OK or that I need to change an aspect of my life, I tend to get offended. I don't always tell her this, but she is usually right. Whereas other people in my life would avoid telling me something or beat around the bush, moms just tell it like it is. We all need that in our lives.

6. Their love is unconditional.
Seriously. I've done some regrettable things but my mom has never loved me any less. In fact I think she loves me more because I've admitted I'm not perfect. Moms will always love you and always be your friend.