6 Reasons You Should Apply Advice From 'Adventure Time' to Your School Life

A nice little "trying to keep sane" project. Combine two of my favorite TV Shows. Everything but the Candy Zombies
A nice little "trying to keep sane" project. Combine two of my favorite TV Shows. Everything but the Candy Zombies I drew in Photoshop.

Adventure Time is an Emmy-nominated cartoon show that airs on Cartoon Network. If you're in high school or even college, chances are you've seen someone at your campus wearing some type of Adventure Time merchandise. Are they wearing these things to be stylish or rather to let you know that this show is flipping amazing? Let's go with the latter.

Adventure Time is one of Cartoon Network's most popular shows at the moment and with the recent success of the Adventure Time: Card Wars app, this show is not going away anytime soon and I hope it never does. Whenever I watch Adventure Time, I get that nostalgic feeling from back when I was a kid eating sugary cereals on Saturday mornings. Adventure Time has taught me many things that I didn't expect to learn, especially coming from a show that has talking pastries and magical dogs as characters.

1. You can be different and still make friends

Finn the Human is the only human left on Ooo. He is very different than most of his friends and acquaintances from the nearby Candy Kingdom. He is not made of candy nor does he possess any magical powers like many of his friends do. When I was freshman, I felt like I couldn't really relate to anyone or have any real common ground with anyone I knew because I couldn't find anyone that shared the same music and fashion taste as me. I also lived in another state for a few years prior so that made it difficult to get used to how people usually do things here at school. Most of my classmates lived in the same city for their entire lives so it was hard to fit in at first. I eventually made friends with people I didn't expect being friends with because at the end of the day, having the same music taste or being from out of state doesn't really matter. What matters, in my opinion, are to have friends who are loyal, trustworthy, caring and have similar goals as you.

For example, if you are pushing to go to a 4-year university after high school then try talking to people who also are pushing towards that goal even if they aren't into the same things you are. Finn is as different as can be but that doesn't stop him from having adventures and making friends with people that aren't like him. Finn is very open-minded and that quality alone truly comes in handy when it comes to making friends.

2. You shouldn't go to school in sweatpants

Finn: Yeah, don't you always call sweatpants "give-up-on-life" pants, Jake?
Jake: I do because peeps need to respect themselves when they leave the house. Even if it's just for ice cream, or TP, or whatevs.

I will admit to wearing sweatpants to school on a few occasions but I feel that Jake from Adventure Time makes a good point. We need to respect ourselves when we leave our house even if it's just for school or in his words, "ice cream or TP."

What I like about wearing sweatpants is that I am always warm and comfy. What I don't like about wearing sweatpants is that my confidence level goes down immediately once I see someone wearing a cute outfit or something along those lines. Even if school isn't a job interview, I still feel we should dress for success because you never know when Yearbook is walking around the campus, taking photos for the yearbook and I'm pretty sure you don't want to be remembered for being that girl in sweatpants years from now. However, I still hold a grudge against yearbook club for solely choosing unflattering photos of me for the yearbook instead of the good ones I had chosen from when they photographed me. That being said, being photographed in sweatpants doesn't really phase me anymore but I still don't mind taking the few extra minutes to throw on a skirt or jeans. Respect yo'self!

3. You might not get it right the first time

"Dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something" is one of my favorite quotes from Jake the Dog. This can apply to all sorts of situations but I personally like to apply it to my school life. For example, say you want to join the football team or take AP Chem and turns out you fail your first chemistry test or you fail terribly during your first football practice. What matters is that you took the initiate and took the first steps to someday be good at it. I really like this quote because it motivates me to not fear failure but rather appreciate the learning experience from my failures.

4. You shouldn't focus on imaginary problems

Jake the Dog is one very wise dog since most of the quotes on this list are from him. In the episode, "Puhoy," he basically tells Finn to stop getting hung up on imaginary problems and to simply focus on what's real. This quote really got to me because I am constantly overanalyzing and overthinking things that just aren't real. My example would be that I sometimes overthink what I say to people. At times I feel that I might have said something that could have offended someone which tends to bug me all day. A few of my friends in school also have their fair share of imaginary problems, most of which involve someone they like or are crushing on. Finn was overanalyzing his conversation with his ex girlfriend, Flame Princess. She didn't laugh at the joke Finn told her so he jumped to the conclusion that it's over and that she is probably saving her laughs for some other guy's jokes. Good thing Finn has a super wise dog like Jake to keep him in check!

5. Be optimistic even if you didn't get enough sleep

Jake: Princess Bubblegum, are you okay?
Princess Bubblegum: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm good. Haven't slept for a solid 83 hours, but... yeah, I'm good.

If you want your mood to drop instantly, all you have to do is think about finals. Finals aren't the end of the world but they sure feel like it. Some of us cram and overstudy during these times which causes us to go to bed at three in the morning or later. Eek. Staying positive is key during these sometimes stressful times. Princess Bubblegum is one of my favorite fictional characters because she's so smart and very busy but that doesn't mean she can't stay cheerful and optimistic.

6. Don't underestimate people

Two words: Cinnamon Bun. Cinnamon Bun is just your regular lovable oaf. He's super adorable and he makes you wish he wasn't a fictional character so that you could give him a big bear hug. He is as bright as Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons and that alone should scare you. There's a spoiler in the next few lines so reader beware.

Cinnamon Bun was always underestimated from the start of the show and nobody expected him to do what he did in one of the recent episodes of Adventure Time called "The Red Throne." Flame Princess is in danger so we'd expect the usual Finn and Jake duo to kick some butts and save the day. Wrong. Cinnamon Bun comes out of nowhere and does a better job at saving the day than Finn does. C.B. is suddenly brave and heroic all of a sudden and even tells Flame Princess that he loves her. They both hold hands and the kingdom are aww-ing in unison. Cinnamon Bun clearly has some guts but the funniest part of this is Finn's reaction to it. In his words he says, "Jeez. Did I just get shown up by Cinnamon Bun?" Finn was looking very confused and surprised. Finn was hoping to get back with Flame Princess but he sadly underestimated C.B. This goes to show that people will surprise you. You think you know them but chances are you really don't know all of them.