6 Sales Lessons You Can Learn From Your Dog

Sometimes the most effective sales lessons can be learned from the most unlikely sources. Take your dog as an example. They don’t have a great grasp of the English language, but they can be trained and they can be trained to do most things. You can even learn about sales from them.

This article is going to show you what aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from their pets.

It’s Never Easy to Get Up

When a dog doesn’t want to get up or go for a walk he’s not getting up and he’s certainly not going for a walk. It’s easy to feel like this on a Monday morning. It’s difficult to get those difficult tasks done every day, which is why so many salespeople tackle the easiest tasks just to waste time.

Think about the fact that 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up. They can’t get up to contact the prospect again. One of the reasons why you’re not selling is because you’re not focused and you’re not making the most of every hour.

Don’t be like your dog sprawled on the living room floor, get up and take on the biggest challenges at the earliest opportunity.

Start Your Preparations the Night Before

Taking Rover on a trip is never easy if you’re doing it at short notice. Preparing the night before can make sure you have everything from his food to the cushion you place in the back of the car.

The night before your next day of work is not just a time to kick back and relax. It’s a time to prepare for the next day. Spend a few minutes every evening getting your itinerary together for the next day. 30 extra minutes spent during the evening can stop you from wasting hours the next day trying to figure out what you have to do.

It will help you to improve your sales because you’ll be better prepared for the act of selling.

Know What Your Hourly Rate Is

Finding out the hourly rate of your dog trainer or dog sitter is likely something you agonize over. You want the best deal for when you can’t take care of man’s best friend.

This is a principle you should also apply to yourself. Think about what your hourly rate is. It doesn’t matter if you’re running your own business or not. This is a simple calculation to perform. Divide the value of your sales by the number of hours spent working. Is that an acceptable hourly rate?

You should always be looking to improve your hourly rate, which could be through increasing the value of your sales or reducing the time it takes to close each sale.

The Person Behind the Sale Matters

Customers would rather buy their products from a great salesperson than a horrible one, regardless of the quality of the product. In short, the person behind the sale matters. It matters in the same way as you matter to your dog. The dog might be a great dog, but a horrible owner will drastically reduce his quality of life.

Learn to be that great salesperson so you can close more sales. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is. A customer will buy just because they are impressed by the person selling to them.

Stop Talking

Sometimes you have to stop talking if you want to get what you want. If your dog won’t sit repeating the command won’t help. The chances are he just doesn’t understand the concept yet. Sometimes you have to stop talking and try again later. You can always talk too much, and that includes in sales.

For example, if you’re pitching your company to get some small business working capital you wouldn’t drone on and on about every little thing. These people are busy and just want to know about your present and future prospects.

So why would you change that with sales?

Modern prospects don’t like to be talked to. They want to have a dialogue with you. Tell them what they want to hear not just everything about the product. They will switch off with all the information and they won’t listen to most of it anyway. You want to appear as a friend to the prospect, rather than a lecturer at a university.


Sales mastery is a long-term endeavor. It’s not going to happen overnight and it’s not going to come easily. How are you going to make sure that you improve your sales?