6 Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss (That Don't Include Dieting)

Once we have this realization we can actually move into the body and out of our heads and use our body to connect to our heart and free our ego based mindset. This is where your true strength will take form.
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Young woman doing yoga exercise on beach
Young woman doing yoga exercise on beach

1. Set the right intention

You're intention for setting your fitness or weight goal needs to be far greater than your desire for chocolate. This is where many people go wrong as they set short term goals which they give up on. Setting an intention like "I want to look great in a Bikini" or "I want to lose weight for my reunion" are common goals that don't get met. This is because the persons desire for junk food and skipping the gym are stronger than their desire to look a certain way. This type of goal is also centred on the approval of others. However, if you switch that intention to something with a deeper meaning for you, such as "I want to eat healthy so I can have more energy to play with my kids" or "I want to keep my body young", than this has a much stronger intent behind it and is more likely to keep you on track.

2. You are not your body

We are fixated on our physical state but in reality it's just a suitcase for our true essence. Our physical bodies become our identity but when you realize that you are not just your body but a part of a higher consciousness that is one with everything and everyone in this universe, than you will be able to shed the identity of your physical body that you are clinging so tightly on to. Once we have this realization we can actually move into the body and out of our heads and use our body to connect to our heart and free our ego based mindset. This is where your true strength will take form.

3. It's never about the weight

I mean never! Your weight is a manifestation of a subconscious belief, so until you address those issues and are willing to compassionately look at your state of being, you will struggle to lose weight or keep it off. Think about what the feeling is you really desire, if you want to lose weight to feel more confident than look at ways you can feel confident now. It's also worth asking yourself, what are you really hungry for? If you need to fill yourself up with food, than this has little to do with hunger and everything to do with what you feel is lacking in your life.

4. Live it now

Are you waiting to be skinny to start living your life? Do you think that you will get that job you've been dreaming of, or be asked out by the guy you have a crush on, when you're thinner (or bigger for some people). Life is now. It's not going to miraculously get better when your body is a different shape. If you don't shift your mindset now than you will struggle to lose weight, and if you actually do shift your physical body, you will be trapped in the same negative viewpoint of yourself. On the other hand, if you are doing everything you desire now, and living like you already have it, than you are living in the present moment and experiencing real joy. This shift in mindset will naturally restore you're body to its ideal state.

5. Your body is a miracle

I am often told by women that they can't think of one thing they like about their body. They live with a deep sense of disgust and shame for their bodies. My response is "what about the fact that your heart beats every second?"

Begin to see that your body is a miracle! When you really think about all that it does for you in every single moment, then you will forget about your chunky thighs. If you're lucky enough to have legs that move and get you from A to B - then how miraculous! And what about your fingers that are moving the mouse as you scroll through this article. There are people who cannot actually do the most basic thing so every day be grateful for all that your body does for you. You are a miracle. Shift your perception to see what a miracle your body is.

6. Let go of judgement and guilt

There is something far more toxic to your body than sugar and fat, and this is judgement and guilt. When people are trying to lose weight and stick to healthy eating, they are consumed by enormous amounts of guilt and judgment if they "slip up" and about their body in general. These toxic emotions send people further down the rabbit whole with their eating and they easily go back to old ways. Having the occasional treat will not kill you. If you have a piece of cake, enjoy every mouthful and move on. Let it go and get back to get back to healthy eating. You must also accept your body as it is now and surrender to any negative feelings that you have about they way you look.

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