6 Secrets To Turn A Rookie Into A Sales Superstar

Turning a sales bum into a sales success isn’t easy. There’s a reason why just 8% of salespeople get 80% of the sales. But training your employees and retaining them is the future of digital marketing. If you want to build your online reputation as an organization that cares about its employees, you need to go out of your way to help improve their skill sets.

With technology like big data and voice search changing the sales landscape constantly, the way you train your salespeople will change on a regular basis. This guide is going to introduce you to the secrets that will help you turn your rookies into successful entrepreneurs.

Make Learning a Constant Process

What separates the masters from everyone else is they acknowledge that they never know it all. Even when they are most of the way through their careers, they are still learning. This is because they understand that they have to remain at the cutting edge.

Invest in podcasts, read the latest sales books, and go to conferences that you think could be useful for helping to generate more B2B leads. Focus on your weakest areas and make them your strengths.

Ignore Your Fear of Rejection

You can never really get rid of your fear of rejection because this is a natural part of being human. Instead, you need to simply ignore your fear of rejection. Learn to put it at the back of your mind. A fear of rejection will prevent you from taking on challenges and it will even prevent you from contacting certain leads.

The more you meet people the more likely you are to make a sale. It’s that simple. Armed with that new knowledge, you will find that you are getting more and more new prospects.

Everyone is scared at some point, but overcoming that will help you to move forward in your career.

Fill Your Sales Channel

You know you need to create a custom sales pitch for every prospect, but if you are not spending enough time on quantity, you are not going to have a chance to execute quality. Make sure that you are never missing out on having lots of prospects to contact.

If you don’t have time to do this, hire someone who can specifically work on generating reliable leads. One trick to get more leads is to look for referrals after each successful sale.

Be Infectious with Your Enthusiasm

Did you know that women entrepreneurs make philanthropy a priority for business reasons?

It works like this because their enthusiasm gets through to anyone reading or listening. The same principle applies to making sales. If you aren’t passionate about your line of products, you are never going to convince anyone else that they should be passionate either.

Remember that if the sales team isn’t excited about what they are selling it can half the number of successful sales they actually make. A passionate salesperson will get their teeth into the sales process and won’t let go until the prospect slaps them in the face and tells them to go away. That’s the sort of passion you need.

Be a Consultant Not a Salesperson

Yes, you are a salesperson, but people don’t like salesperson, so closing a sale is much harder when you’re framing yourself as that salesperson. Instead, look to become a consultant.

The difference between a salesperson and a consultant is that the salesperson is there to sell something and the consultant is there to help you. If you had a choice between a salesperson and a consultant, who would you choose based on these definitions?

That’s why you need to build up your authority and present a pitch directed towards helping the person, rather than selling them something.

Close the Sale

One area where people often struggle with is actually closing the sale. They do all the hard work then fail to ask the magic question. Don’t expect others to enquire as to where they can buy your stuff. You need to put your products front and center.

Too many newbies will continue to talk and communicate long into the future without making any progress. Again, it all goes back to that fear of rejection.

Be bold and be confident enough to close that sale.


These six tips will show you how to become a sales generating machine. There are lots of strategies you can employ, but the general principles will remain the same.

How will you generate more sales today?