6 signs you're in need of a BREAK before you BURN OUT

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If you’re finding yourself not completing your TO-DO list (you might be doing some of these)

1. Constantly distracted- This can be via social media or it can be through outside force! Sometimes your distractions are trying to tell you something. Listen to your intuition!

2. Negative Mindset- When all you think about is negative your outcome is going to be negative! As easy as that!

3. Lack of Follow-Through- Not answering emails, not setting up phone calls with repeat customers or asking for feedback to improve your services? How can you possibly improve your services if you do not know what your clients or past customers experienced! Lack of follow-through is a lack of understanding on your part. Every great entrepreneur needs to learn to follow-through because every customer or client wants an upgraded experience. It should be something you can not wait for!

4. Always making EXCUSES- This is probably one of my favorites since you have a reason for not getting to that and you thought it was a good reason but guess what it was an excuse and you had enough time in your day to complete it! Make it a priority!

5. You feel like you are carrying a huge weight on your shoulders ALL THE TIME- If your job feels like a constant struggle and you can not wait for the weekend to arrive (Hey it’s only Monday) and you need a break because you feel like everything depends on you. That is way too much pressure and something NO ONE should have to deal with. When you love what you do, giving a little extra will be fun, and something you strive for plus you will not be waiting for the weekend or vacation to arrive!

6. Not finding enjoyment in your work- If you’re not having fun why would you want to continue? Maybe its time you find something about what you are doing that is fun and hire other people to do the non-fun activities!

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