6 Simple Storage DIYs That Will Instantly Make Your Home More Organized

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By: Mady Dahlstrom, Senior Editor for Porch.com

Are you tired of looking at your messy bathroom or cluttered kitchen? These six storage ideas will keep you organized and help you make the most out of every room in your home. From under the kitchen sink to clearing out your bathroom cabinets, these six DIY storage ideas from the blogger community at Porch.com will not only get you more organized, but also help you stay organized.

1. Wire Utensil Rack

No more digging through your kitchen drawers for a spatula, ladle, or whisk! This DIY wire utensil rack utilizes wall space and keeps everything you need to cook with right at hand.


Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess

2. Trash Bag Organizer

Keep your trash bags rolled up and in order under your kitchen sink with this easy DIY storage trick! See how you can make your own by following the full tutorial, here.


Image Credit: Simply Organized

3. Coffee Mug Rack

Are you running out of room in your cupboards to store cups, glasses, and mugs? DIY this coffee mug display rack for extra storage that doubles as decor! Get the free printable plans for this project, here.


Image Credit: Shanty 2 Chic

4. Storage Ladder

Stylish and functional, this DIY storage ladder is the perfect place to store extra washcloths, soap, and other toiletries. After building and staining, attach decorative baskets and add your accessories to complete this storage ladder.


Image Credit: Clean and Scentsible

5. Magnetic Tins

Magnetic tins are an easy and inexpensive way to store spices, bobby pins, paper clips, and other small items. Find out how to make your own custom DIY magnetic tins, here.


Image Credit: Home Made By Carmona

6. Charging Station

Keep control of all those cords with a DIY charging station. Hang a basket on an open wall space near an outlet to create this genius storage idea.