6 Startup Podcasts Share E-commerce Strategies

6 Startup Podcasts Share E-commerce Strategies
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Can you still build e-commerce companies? Yes, niche e-commerce can still work, but you must differentiate. Entrepreneurs interested to learn how e-commerce and online startups are succeeding today should listen to these 30-minute podcast interviews with six startup founders who have managed to build quite profitable businesses.

Tom Fallenstein, President and CEO of Fun.com – Tom has built a niche e-commerce company up to $55 Million in revenue with no outside funding from rural Minnesota. He discusses his organic growth strategies, and how his company has impacted a rural eco-system profoundly by creating a large number of jobs.

Eyal Levy, Co-founder and CEO of Yogibo – Eyal shares his lessons from the trenches building a niche online-offline brand that started with a set of bean bags. It’s a charming and very informative interview.

Dan Dillon, Owner at CleanItSupply.com – Dan shared his wonderful story of building a niche e-commerce business with just $50,000 of personal money to $11 million in annual revenue in 2016.

Ricky Joshi, Co-founder at Saatva – Ricky shares the story of growing his company from 0 to over $150 million in seven years. This is pretty much venture-scale growth. The best part of the story is that the company has raised no VC money at all. Wonderful conversation about a capital-efficient, deeply disciplined company.

Shaul Weisband, Co-Founder and CMO of Jifiti – Shaul shares his journey and talks about the pivot that his company made early on and its impact on the investors.

Nevin Shetty, CEO of Blueprint Registry – Nevin did TechStars last year, and we discuss some strategies for getting into YCombinator and TechStars, the two high quality seed fund accelerators that are worth going through. Note, there are very few among the 7,500+ accelerators out there that are worth parting with 7-10% equity for.

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