6 Steps to Clear Old Love Karma

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If you feel stuck in your love life, unresolved karma may be to blame. Old karma is particularly effective at blocking relationships from progressing. Many people misconceive their karma for the “what goes around comes around” idiom, but this is such a narrow explanation of an elaborate universal principle. The truth is that we all carry karma, both good and bad. Your karma can draw its origins in past lives, and chances are that you’ve created a bit of new karma through your earthly experiences, too. Karma can also be shared or “passed down” to you through generations.

Your karma is yours like your eye color, voice, and blood type are yours. It belongs to your being, although you can’t see it the way you see your physical features when you look in a mirror. But karma makes sure that you feel its presence in your life, manifesting as the repetition of events, situations, and people. It will knock at your door time and time again until you open and say, “I get it!” In terms of love, unsettled karma will cause you to experience similar scenarios over and over again, such as meeting the same type of partners and enduring the same heartache, until you become aware and take appropriate action. If you want to clear your love karma once and for all, you must welcome it as you would an old (and annoying) friend. A clean karmic slate sets your soul free to fulfill your many purposes on earth, and to give and receive the love you deserve.

Carry out these six steps to attract a new relationship with unlimited potential or help your current relationship overcome karmic hurdles:

1. Understand your karma. If you want to change a story’s ending, you have to revisit its beginning. Understanding your karma requires that you return to the origin: when, where, how, and why did this pattern start? What exactly keeps repeating? Is it that you keep bringing in partners with the same disappointing qualities, that the same problems pop up in your relationships, or that your romances all end in the same awful way? Identify the issue then its source: Did your parents suffer similar circumstances, or was it something that happened to you as a child? Recognizing the reality of your karma entails a bit of introspection, but it’s the first step towards karmic resolution.

2. Respond differently. Karma likes to test us by steering us towards the same situations to see if we respond as we did before. If we do, we repeat the karmic cycle. For example, if you’re upset that you keep attracting cheaters, yet you give every notorious cheater a chance, how do you expect to meet an honest person? Reverting to familiar behavior will keep you stuck in frustrating patterns. Break the habits that have kept you tied to negative karma. Implement new intentions, thoughts, and actions to reap new results.

3. Change environment. Staying in a place that carries bad memories can’t lead to a positive future. Sometimes the best way to close a karmic door is to remove yourself from an environment that’s heavy with the karma of the past. One of my clients was so devastated by her husband’s betrayal that she developed cancer. After she divorced, my client continued living in the same house and suffering from the same illness. Karma can attach itself to a place and trap us both physically and emotionally in the pain of the past. I advised her to move, let go of this ordeal, and start over. As my client settled into her new home, her health not only started to improve but she even met a new partner! Don’t be afraid to leave behind a place that impedes you from a healthy and happy relationship.

4. Practice forgiveness. No one can hurt you if you forgive them because your forgiveness takes their power away. When you forgive, you regain control of your karma. So forgive your former partners, your parents, your younger self who didn’t know any better, your mailman—forgive everybody! Forgiveness breaks down hardened karma and detaches it from you. It helps you move forward by gifting you with wisdom, resilience, and new drive. A great way to start the process is to acknowledge who has hurt you and determine how you can heal yourself. Even if someone harmed you a decade ago, the memory can still rear its ugly head in your relationships. Know that no matter what happened, you always have the ability to make yourself whole again, and it starts by forgiving.

5. Generate good karma. One of the best ways to eradicate negative karma is to create new, positive karma in its place. The general principle behind good karma (as well as most religions) is to do what you want done to you. When it comes to love karma, this means not interfering in other people’s relationships, not becoming involved with someone who’s already taken, and treating your partner with honesty and respect. Be careful not to succumb to situations that trigger new karma, like retaliating against lovers who have caused you pain, acting on your ego to get your way, or leaving a lot of loose ends when you walk away from a relationship. When in doubt, follow the Golden Rule.

6. Perform cleansing rituals. Small, symbolic acts performed with mindfulness and meaning can reshape your karmic reality. Close your eyes and inhale deeply, feeling your core fill up with fresh air. Hold your breath for a few seconds then exhale slowly. As you exhale, imagine any dark, pent-up energy being released from your being. Affirm to yourself: “I am letting go of old karma that has held me back from finding true love” and “I welcome a relationship with endless possibilities into my life.” If you’re already in a relationship, you can say: “I’m sending bad karma back where it began. I’m free to manifest love, loyalty, and joy in my relationship.” This breathing exercise is one of the many rituals you can repeat each day to move out stagnant karma and clear your path towards better relationships.

Your karma may be part of you, but it’s a part you can change and improve. Follow these steps to clear old love karma and foster a fulfilling relationship.

To good karma,

Dr. Carmen Harra

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