6 Strategies to Take Your Service-Based Business to the Next Level

6 Strategies to Take Your Service-Based Business to the Next Level
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Being meticulous about your price point is important, but don't forget to also back your business with the right team. Take it from these entrepreneurs who are experts in wowing their customers.

A. Set Appropriate Price Points


Don't undersell your services. If you are indeed growing, make sure your rates and product offerings are priced accordingly. If you price yourself too low, you will not be able to continue to grow -- same thing if you set your rates too high. Find price points that allow you to build a profitable company. - John Arroyo, Arroyo Labs, Inc.

A. Secure Smaller Partners


To grow a service-based business, it's best to make sure you have a partner portfolio in place before trying to secure big name partners or clients. This means going after smaller players that are more attainable in the beginning, growing these relations and using their success stories to inspire new businessfrom bigger players. Start small and value every new partnership and customer. - Zac Johnson, How to Start a Blog

A. Relentlessly Serve Your Clients


Constantly look for ways to improve the service you provide. Make sure to thank your clients for their patronage, and ask them for feedback on how you can serve them at a higher level. Listen to their suggestions without being defensive, and find ways to refine and improve your processes and service. If your customers are happy, they will come back and refer others. - Max Coursey, Tiger Prop

A. Establish Regulars


Look for people who are likely to become repeat customers. One-off jobs are all well and good, but in the long run, you don't really get anything out of those aside from a single payoff. With regulars, you have the opportunity to cultivate a relationship that could serve your company in the long run. - Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates

A. Show Your Value


When I first started freelancing, I had little experience and a bare portfolio to display. This made it quite hard to land new clients. Potential clients only saw the value in investing in my services when I had a killer portfolio to show. Put in the grunt work early on in order to show the value of you and your business. - Antonio Calabrese, Boonle

A. Hire Talent


It's difficult to scale a service-based business because you are selling your time. By hiring very talented people and retaining them, you can grow quickly. - Courtney Spritzer, SOCIALFLY

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