6 Super Simple Ways to Protect Your Personal Data This Year

We've gotten so used to putting our credit card details, and personal info on the internet that we often forget how risky it can be. Sure, there are plenty of things in place to keep your online banking and credit card information safe, but as these technologies improve, so does that of people who misuse it. Hackers are abound and with so much valuable data floating around on the internet, they are increasingly trying to get their hands on it.

Honestly, even entire countries are starting to worry and invest in software that will keep the personal data of their citizens protected. Just like you protect your bank account numbers and birth certificates in your home, here are some super simple ways that you can protect your personal data online too.

Turn Off Your Devices

That's right, turning off your computer and cell phone can do more than just save the battery life. Keeping your devices on, especially in public places, leaves the door wide open for people looking to get a hold of your personal data. The more you are able to switch to the off button, the better for your security.

Don't Respond to Online Strangers

While encountering menacing strangers on your door step isn't too much of a problem these days, it is much easier for them to approach you via the internet. Getting a hold of your email or social accounts doesn't take too much effort and plenty of strangers are able to get in touch with you on a daily basis. If you receive any emails or messages from people you don't know, proceed with extreme caution. Most importantly, if the messages contain links, websites or ask you to install something, steer clear. This could be an attempt to hack your system, steal your information or cause a virus to your computer.

Be Careful When Using WIFI

Part of the convenience of today's world is that WIFI access is available nearly everywhere. It allows us to stay connected and take our work almost anywhere we want to complete it. However, using public or even private WIFI can be dangerous and leave your device extremely vulnerable. Especially in places like cafes or restaurants, free WIFI may not necessarily be safe or secure. Always choose the "Public" WIFI option prompted by your computer and aim to go on websites that show a HTTPS connection. Additionally, never pay bills or access your bank account when you are on a network out in public.

Check in on Your Finances

While you may already do this anyway, it's quite important to know what is going on with your finances at all times. Check your credit card and bank account statement to ensure that everything purchased came from you. If you don't recognize something on your statement, it could indicate that someone has hacked your accounts.

Update Your Operating System

It's not the most enthralling of actions, but updating your operating system can make a world of difference in trying to protect your personal data. The updates will help you protect your devices from viruses, malware and spyware.

Hire a Professional

OK, the technological world can seem a bit much sometimes. While you may know how to work your smart phone and computer, taking these steps to protect your personal data can seem confusing. Hiring a professional team, like PEOPLE&connection can help take the weight off of your shoulders. Through effective communication with his clients, CWO, Shrinish Nair, is working hard to make personal data connection easy for everyone.

What's even more exciting than protecting your personal data? Earning a profit from it! That is exactly what the company's founder, Fabrice Kerherve, wants everyone to strive for. The entire team gives people the opportunity to lease out their data and get compensated for it. Businesses and individuals can consolidate all of their data across the web, and on social media and use it to increase brand awareness and make some money.

Do you have any tips on protecting personal data that you recommend?