6 Surefire Ways To Be In A Good Mood On Your Wedding Day

1. Assign a trusted point person to handle that “one thing”
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With everything that goes into the planning and execution of a ceremony and reception, there’s plenty of room for things to fall apart — including, but not limited to, rogue guests, bad weather and blisters. But the most disappointing wedding snag? A bride in a bad mood at her own wedding. So even if things don’t go as planned, here are six tips for ensuring the bride is nothing but smiles.


1. Assign a trusted point person to handle that “one thing”

Every bride has that one thing that stirs up anxiety. Whether it’s a time-bomb of a relative, a complicated bustle or figuring out how the hell you’ll go to the bathroom in your gown, pass those concerns onto your sister, BFF or whoever you trust to get the job done. That way, your mind can be focused on more important things — like remembering the steps to your first dance.

2. Bring example photos for hair and makeup

How you look will impact how you feel, and you want to feel great. So, do not throw caution to the wind and just implicitly trust your beauty teameven if they’ve worked with the Kardashians. Instead, bring a photo from your trial or even a celebrity photo you want to mimic. That way your stylist will know you want beach waves, not barrel curls…in fact, here’s a picture just to make sure he gets the idea.

3. Do not, we repeat, do not keep tally of the songs played

Obsessing over whether the D.J. or band is playing every single song you demanded is the quickest way to put you in a bad mood (why didn’t she play “It’s Raining Men”?!?!). While it’s totally cool to request certain songs or genres, let the people you hired do their job — which is essentially to keep their pulse on the party and keep it going.


4. Embrace the mistakes

A wedding in motion stays in motion. So even if things go wrong (and things will go wrong), just accept that these little hiccups make your wedding the special day it is. So whether the rabbi’s 20 minutes late, it’s pouring rain or your bandleader pronounced your name weirdly, it’s all fodder to laugh about on the honeymoon.

5. Bring a pair of comfortable shoes

What’s a bigger mood booster than being comfortable? After a day of standing and posing, your back will thank you for changing into some adorable flats or, better yet, bridal sneaks.


6. Forget the Checklist and Just Dance

Once your feet feel better, let loose on the dance floor, girl. Sure, your mom might have told you that you must go around to every table to greet every single guest, but why not bring the party out to where it should be? Say hi to Aunt Ev and Uncle Joe while you’re busting a move to “It’s Raining Men.” (See? Have faith in your D.J.) Plus, when the bride’s having a great time, everyone else will, too.