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6 Tech Bloggers Reveal What They Really Want This Holiday Season

6 Tech Bloggers Reveal What They Really Want This Holiday Season

You don’t have to be a tech guru to find and buy a great gift for the gadget lover in your life. In fact, even if your computer skills are basic at best, you can snag a present that would make any techie proud. The secret is playing to your loved one’s unique passions and favorite pastimes. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to kick-start your shopping spree, you’re in luck. We partnered with eBay, and consulted with top tech bloggers to round up some seriously special gifts. Here, are six thrilling tech finds that are sure to appeal to the techie in your life.

For Home Enthusiasts: A Smart Thermostat
This holiday, The Networking Nerd blogger and tech expert Tom Hollingsworth plans to ask for a gift that keeps on giving – warmth, that is! “The gift I’m most excited about this year is the third-generation Nest Thermostat,” says Hollingsworth. “It’s a great way to reduce your energy usage and start programming a smarter home. Non-technical people will love the ease of use and ability to set it and let it run. The tinkerers will love the ability to program and extract data about everything it monitors."
For The Next Scorsese: A Drone Camera
Raju PP, the blogger behind Technology Personalized, is mad about drones this season. “I'd like to gift -- and [would] love to be gifted -- a DJI Mavic Pro drone,” says Raju. “This is a super compact collapsible/foldable drone from the world's No.1 drone manufacturer. It can record 4K videos with its 12-megapixel camera and can also live-stream the video feed in Full HD to YouTube, Periscope and Facebook. And unlike other bigger drones, it isn't tough to master, either. By far the coolest gift for this festive season.”
For Budding Engineers: A STEM Educational Kit
Techie newbies will love playing with a simple electrical energy kit, according to technology pundit Scott Hanselman. "As the parent of two little boys, I can tell you that the excitement about Snap Circuits this season is palpable,” he observes. “I recommend Snap Circuits for anyone looking to teach their kids how the electronic world works."
For Kids Who Coder: A Build-Your-Own Computer Kit
NYC Tech Mommy founder Monica Encarnacion refuses to let her son rest on his laurels this season. Instead, Encarnacion will encourage him to make his own fun. “My 8-year-old recently asked me to buy him his own computer. I'm thinking, why not just let him build his own computer this Christmas?” she shares. “The Kano Build Your Own Computer Kit is a fun and simple way to get kids learning about computers and coding. The kit comes with everything kids need to get started -- pieces, bits, boards, cables and more. No tech experience is needed! Kids learn physical computing through play. Genius!”
For The Smooth Talker: A Smartphone
Tech blogger Nitin Maheta, creator of the website Making Different, is all about the smartphone this season. "ASUS ZenFone 3 is a modish, vibrant looking smartphone with a metallic body having a stunning camera with a crystal clear display," Maheta says. What better way to stay in touch with loved ones after the holiday than by giving the gift of gab?
For The 21st Century Picasso: An Electronic Artist’s Tablet
Kris McDonald, owner of LittleTechGirl Media, is enamored with the notion of an artistry-optimizing Lenovo Yoga Book with Windows 10 for her teenaged daughter. "She loves to draw, and she is very good at it,” McDonald explains. “I think having the Yoga Book, which allows her to use the dual-use real pen to write, draw, color and more, would not only tickle her, but make her an even better artist. As her mother, I'm all about fostering her gift. And using cool tech to do it is a plus!"

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