6 Things Only Single Moms Would Understand

A grandmother and granddaughter being affectionate
A grandmother and granddaughter being affectionate

Being a mother is no easy feat, more so if you are a single mom. Certainly motherhood is different for anyone. How one survives the day alone is an arduous journey. Here are a few things all single moms out there will find true:

1. The Superwoman
Single parenthood means having to be in full charge of your child's everyday life. You are the designated driver, art teacher, stylist, groomer, comedian, nurse, helper, baseball coach just about anyone your kid needs you at the moment. Oh yes, it is scary to try something for the first time but you have no other choice but to do so. It's cool -- you're a very strong woman.

2. You have become a mombie
Mombie (noun): an extremely exhausted mother that feeds on coffee and survives on wine. Sleeping is now considered a luxury. I already bid farewell to that six-hour uninterrupted sleep since my baby came to the world. I wake up when my child wakes up and I sleep a few hours after he sleeps.

There are millions in one things on your to-do list that makes you feel that there aren't enough hours in the day. Your responsibility does not end until your child sleeps soundly each night. Child first, mombie later.

3. You secretly dread Parent's Day
It's one thing to explain a situation to my child that I don't even understand let alone being asked by other parents and kids. Also you fear having to be asked where the dad is. This non-existent role you just want to be kept hidden. Complicated, but it's great to have as many people in my child's life that are loving and positive.

4. The comeback -- acne

A cocktail of sleep deprivation, stress and hormone surge equates acne. Yes, the teenage nightmare is back and as much as you want to buy that cleanser, you opted to take the milk instead. Priorities have changed.

The throwback -- pre-pregnancy figure. How many times have we counted the days until we get back in shape? Trying all the latest fad diets are just not working now that you are stuck with finishing the soggy frosted cereal from breakfast. And you find yourself secretly snacking in the middle of the night.

5. Catching up with friend
You envy friends who will leave for a long weekend or a night out of town at that latest Italian restaurant. How can they update their social media that often? I thought Jenny was in Hawaii? Now, she's in Cambodia. Oh the freedom of just going out and living the life. *Sighs*

You are so out of the loop that you barely noticed what's happening in the neighborhood. Yes, don't we all rely on Facebook for the latest gossip?

6. All of this doesn't really matter!

At the end of the day, you get to bundle with this little munchkin feeling accomplished having survived another day alone.

Looking back with what happened in the day, you know you had to start all over again tomorrow. Yes, diaper rashes and all.