6 Things That Always Go On Sale In June

Cue the back-to-school savings.

Summer is here, which is exactly why you need to save your pennies for the important things (aka ice cream and cheeky pool floats). Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here, six must-buy items that cost a lot less in June.


Cue the back-to-school savings. Sure, it’s only June, but retailers already have their mind on fall, offering shopping discounts for the early bird who wants to plan ahead. Typically, you’ll see coupons offering flat rate savings (say, $100 to $200 off select models). Just be sure to comparison shop since a lot of tech retailers (like Best Buy) offer price matching to help you maximize savings.


The arrival of much-more-balmy weather means your gym will probably turn into a ghost town. (Yes, no wait for treadmills — score!) As a result, don’t be surprised if you start to see some pretty sweet incentives to join, like no initiation fee or the first three months free if you sign up for a year contract. No matter what, don’t be afraid to haggle. (Gym managers have a lot of flexibility, not to mention, monthly sign-up quotas to hit.) Already a member? See if there are any summer discounts they can offer just for being a good — and long-term — customer.

No matter what, don’t be afraid to haggle.


Hurricane season is upon us, which means that cruise liners will start to offer deals for travel — in particular to the Caribbean — in August, September and October. Sure, there’s always a chance of inclement weather, but as long as you check the refund policy, you should be fine. (A lot of times cruises simply switch up the travel itinerary to avoid bad weather patterns.)


When the going gets hot, those with half a brain retreat to wherever there’s AC. That’s where movie theater savings come in. Starting in June, you can expect to see two-for-one ticket deals from online retailers like Fandango.com or directly from the movie theaters themselves. Perfect timing, considering it’s blockbuster season.


A good rule of thumb for savings: Shop the holiday. Father’s Day is June 18 (save the date!), which means you’ll find discounts on home-related items like that cordless drill or pressure washer you’ve been meaning to buy (sometimes as much as 35 percent off).


Yep, National Doughnut Day is June 2, so head to your nearest sweet shop and keep your eyes peeled for special promotions tied to the day. (Hello, free honey-glazed cruller with your coffee.)




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