6 Things To Know Before You Buy That RV

6 Things To Know Before You Buy That RV
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What you don't know before you buy that RV could come back to haunt you. It's an exciting and huge purchase that should be carefully pursued. A lot of people get so lost up in the excitement that they sometimes overlook a few things in the meanwhile. Make sure you have these six elements on your checklist before you sign on the dotted line.

Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating will always matter when buying any vehicle that you wish to finance. But some dealerships are naturally easier to deal than others. This is because some have better relationships with banks. Some dealerships have options for credit challenged people, but you may not find this at every RV dealer so call around and ask first.

Monthly Payment Amount

Know what your monthly payment amount will be before you sign on the dotted line. Avoid the classic bait and switch scheme by knowing in advance what you will be paying for each payment. If you are not fond of the payment, reject the contract and keep looking.

What You Can Afford To Put Down

All banks are going to want to see a decent down payment on a vehicle purchase of this size and scope. Typically, 20% is the general amount. What can you afford to put down and what does your RV cost? You may need to tap into your savings a bit or wait a bit longer to save up the necessary cash.

Annual Maintenance Costs

Knowing what the average annual maintenance costs are can help you better determine what you are going to have to spend each year before you make your purchase. According to one RV Blogger, he spent just $7,800 over roughly three years. A quick cheat for this is to read the sticker on the window - it will tell you what you can expect to pay each year so you can factor this into your budget.

Insurance Premiums

Do not forget to look at insurance premiums. They can easily run thousands per year on a new RV. You will also want to explore what coverage options that you can add as well. Get a quote while you are at the dealership and before you buy so you can know for sure.

Know Where To Park It

Lastly, where are you going to park your monstrous new RV? Do you have an RV gate? Is your driveway big enough? Can you legally park it on the street outside of your home? Make sure you consider this and the above aspects, and you can make your purchase in confidence.

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