6 Things You Can do to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing in 2017

6 Things You Can do to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing in 2017
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With the new year just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what your resolutions will be. Health and wellbeing are two of the top items that graze the lists of people trying to make big changes in their lives once the new year hits. In fact, health and wellbeing are vital to a great life and something that everyone should try and improve. If you are ready to make some changes in 2017 to improve the quality of your life through wellbeing and health, here are some of the top things you can do.

Pimp Your Bed

Health and wellbeing start with your sleep. With so much of our time spent with eyes closed, taking a moment to "pimp" your bed may be quite the investment in your health. Compare mattresses to find the most comfortable and supportive for your personal sleep style and use it to replace your old one. Consider Tempurpedic pillows and sheets that are not only comfy but also fit your personality.

Make Some Scents

Aromatherapy is a method of relaxation and stress relief using scents. The smells typically come from the oils of plants and herbs and can be diffused into the air in order for participants to take in the scents. This method is used to enhance mood, increase cognitive function and to give relief to pain. You can purchase a diffuser for your home or apply the essential oils right to your skin to receive the benefits.

Get Weekly Treatments

Getting a massage or a facial shouldn't be a treat that you give yourself maybe once a year. In fact, there are plenty of healing, preventative and relaxing treatments out there that can drastically help your health and wellbeing if utilized often. Try different various of massage like Swedish, Thai and Hot Stone or experiment with the healing techniques of acupuncture. Get some acupressure treatments, balneotherapy or chiropractic work done each week to see what suits you best.

Automate Things

If you want to reduce stress and have more time for the things you love, automating the tedious bits of life can really help you do it. There are just some things that can easily be cut out nowadays with the use of technology and a little planning. Use apps like Mint to keep track of your finances, and hire a virtual assistant to make appointments, check emails and pay bills. You can also utilize grocery shopping and delivery services like Instacart or mobile bank apps to deposit checks in order to save you time and money that are often expended running errands.

Schedule in The Fun

Don't let your work and "to-do" list run your entire life. We often schedule in nearly every hour of our days in order to catch up on life and get things done. Doing this, we frequently watch our days and lives pass us by without doing enough of the things that we find fun. Instead, make it a point to schedule in fun activities like dinner and drinks with a friend, hikes, travel experiences and sessions of relaxation.

Eat Better Food

What better way to experience good health and an increased sense of wellbeing than through healthy food. If you take a honest look at your diet, you may find some room for improvement. Skip the fast food and all that processed sugar and start eating more whole fruits and vegetables. Cook more of your meals at home so that you can ensure that what you're eating is the best version of food that it can be.

What do you do to increase your health and well being each day?

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