6 Things You Can Make With a Coffee Maker Besides Coffee

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In the age of fancy espresso makers, Keurigs, and smartphone-friendly coffee brewers, a classic coffee maker is a breath of fresh (well, coffee-scented) air in an overly-complicated world.

Along with the obvious benefit of simple, American-style coffee, there are actually tons of other uses for your common coffee maker. Covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert with one appliance, you'll wonder why the hell you even bother with a stove.

Credit: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor

1. A hot toddy
Put two tea bags in your coffee pot, let brew, add a shot (or 10) of fine whiskey and some honey. Baby, you've got yourself the hottest toddy this side of the Mississippi!

2. Hot dogs
Can you call such a simple recipe a recipe? Put a few thawed hot dogs in your coffee pot and let it sit for an hour. Then stuff those dirty dogs down your gullet.

Credit: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor

3. Jimmy Dean sausage
Don't want to use ol' Jimmy's sausage? Too bad, cause that's the good stuff. Pam up your burner, throw on that sausage and cook. Pro-tip: you're going to want to clear your schedule for this one; it'll take a while.

4. Rice
Here's what you need for this gem: 1. instant rice, 2. water, 3. 10 minutes. Toss it in the carafe, make sure the filter area is clear from coffee residue, and set it to brew.

Credit: Cole Saladino/Supercompressor

5. Ramen
Perhaps the easiest recipe in the bunch, all you need to do is put your dried noodles in the coffee pot and set to brew. Add the flavor packet and anything else you desire and wait a few minutes for delicious results.

6. Scrambled eggs
On a little one-egg frying pan, crack open an egg, and cook to your heart's content. Is there anything eggs can't do?

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