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6 Things You Should Absolutely <i>Not</i> Eat While Hungover

If you drank too much last night, you can make today a lot less horrid by avoiding these foods.
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If you drank too much last night, you can make today a lot less horrid by avoiding these foods and drinks, all secretly engineered to make your hangover even more miserable. We spoke to Andrea Chernus, a registered dietitian, on why to stay away from these six picks, plus her recommended food/drink remedies to get you through the day. Ready? Here's what not to pair your aspirin with...

Ah, the hair of the dog. A hangover remedy touted by Ernest Hemingway, and some other people, for ages. Though knocking back some Bloodys might numb your pain for a little bit, Chernus insists it's just going to tax your system even further, and leave you feeling way worse in the long run.

After a full night of drinking, the neon lights of your favorite greasy spoon are irresistible. Be strong and ignore that cruel siren's call. "[Greasy food is] the worst thing you could have," says Chernus. "It's because alcohol is processed through the same metabolic pathways as fat, and so when your body is breaking down the alcohol, it's kind of putting the fats to the side. Your body can't handle them at the same time."

Et tu, Brute? Your right-hand man through so many bleary mornings has been scamming you all along. "Eggs with toast or eggs, potatoes, and toast would be better, because then at least you're getting nutrients that the body actually does need," says Chernus. "A bacon, egg, and cheese is like your whole day's worth of saturated fats."

Disclaimer: For those with exceptionally kind and pleasant stomachs, Chernus says orange juice is safe. But if your gut is waging its usual war, hands off, because its citrusy acid will destroy you.

If you start craving large quantities of meat come lunchtime, take a rain check, as it's liable to take your migraine up to an 11. Chernus explains that you could be in a world of pain "if you're just eating high protein and not including any carbohydrates, because your blood sugar can be low from drinking. That could definitely make a headache worse."

Here's the good news: Despite what WebMD might tell you, quitting caffeine entirely while you're battling a hangover isn't necessary. In fact, Chernus says you might need a reasonably-strong cup or two of coffee to stave off withdrawal torture if you consume java on the reg. But cap yourself at 300mg (about two 16oz lattes at Starbucks) of caffeine or suffer the horrors of dehydration.

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