6 Times Celebs Copied Kendall Jenner's Fab Festival Fashion

Kendall Jenner is literally festival fashion goals. The supermodel is such a trendsetter that even other celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Bella Thorne and Selena Gomez have copied her impeccable style at festival's over the past years. The Wishbone App has pulled six instances where the eldest Jenner has inspired similar show stopping looks on fellow celebs - some which are nearly identical! To settle the score of "Who Wore It Best", we've included six Wishbone polls of over 13,000 voters to see who reins queen. Does Kendall come out on top?

Kendall vs. Nikki Reed In A White Off-the-Shoulder Peasant Top + Black Bottoms

The off-the-shoulder peasant top is definitely a trending piece for the Spring and Summer months. When paired with a black bottom, the simple, chic look definitely stands out as a no-effort showstopper. Kendall and Nikki Reed both pull this look off beautifully, however, Kendall win's the Wishbone poll of "Who Wore It Best" with 66% of the vote. Her decision to heavily accessorize her ensemble may have played a part in her win, primarily the statement double buckle necklace that is a must-have staple piece for any fashionista's wardrobe.

Kendall vs. Selena Gomez In a Bo-ho Chic, Floor-Length Crochet Look

When describing an outfit as "festival fashion goals," the ensemble has to turn heads. That can easily be said for the two floor-length crochet dresses worn by Kendall Jenner and fellow IT girl, Selena Gomez. But who wore the look best? Selena won this battle by snagging 56% of the vote over Kendall's black look. Although the poll was neck and neck, Selena's dress has a slight edge with the larger crochet print and the lighter color of white. The white fabric bounces nicely off Selena's skin whereas the black drowns Kendall giving her a less flattering look.

Kendall vs. Hilary Duff In Green Aviator Ray Bans

The green Aviator Ray Bans--who doesn't own a pair of these shades?! Both Kendall and Hillary Duff were caught rocking this accessory at the same music festival in 2015, both with a light beige top to help them stand out. In this "Who Wore It Best" Kendall comes out on top with 58% of the majority vote. The highlighter colored Ray Bans shine brighter on Kendall given her darker color hair and similarly colored statement necklace, allowing for that extra vote!

Kendall vs. Vanessa Hudgens In A Sleeveless Crochet Inset Dress Over Crop Top & Denim Shorts

Kendall battles Vanessa Hudgens in this "Who Wore It Best" poll with a sleeveless crochet inset dress over a crop top and denim shorts. The sleeveless inset dress is practically a festival must-have, allowing for some shoulder coverage while allowing for a flowy, angelic look. When the two looks go head-to-head, Kendall wins with 65% of the vote over Vanessa's 35%. Kendall accessorizes just a tad more in this photo over Vanessa's look with the tan cowboy boots, form-fitting crop top, statement belt and necklace, helping her get this festival runway win!

Kendall vs. Gigi Hadid In A Tan Suede Vest

Everyone knows that fringe is a festival favorite. When Kendall and fellow supermodel friend Gigi Hadid go head to head comparing a tan, suede vest, Gigi Hadid beats her out with a whopping 82%! In this scenario, the size of Gigi's vest, the fringe and the contrast of her black on black croptop and shorts make for a winning outfit. Kendall pushed the envelope with her oversized jean shorts and mini suede vest - obviously not a fan favorite.

Kendall vs. Bella Thorne In A White Off-The-Shoulder Peasant Crop Top + Blue Flared Print Pants

When Kendall and actress Bella Thorne wore a nearly identical outfit to the same music festival, the paparazzi nearly had a field day. Both ladies wore a white off-the-shoulder peasant crop top with blue, flared printed pants. Who won this twinning moment? Kendall of course, with 58% of the vote! In this case, due to the practical mirror image for both fashionistas, we're not quite sure how Kendall swayed the vote in her favor. It might have had something to do with her long straight hair vs. a curly wild look, but we can't really even be sure!

Is Kendall Jenner not everyone's - celebrity and fans alike - style inspo? She wins some, she loses some, but the truth is that she definitely is a fashion trendsetter. Do you agree with these results? Tell us in the comments below! And be sure to download Wishbone App to participate in our next fashion face offs!