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6 Tips For Travelling While Pregnant

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Answer by Mira Zaslove, enjoys travel, photography, and negotiation

Every pregnancy is different, but I happily traveled across the country and internationally while in my first and second trimesters. It largely depends on where you want to go, and at what stage in your pregnancy.

Things to consider:

  • Do you need to take any vaccinations? My husband and I were planning to go on an African Safari, and sadly we had to nix the trip. I had just found out I was pregnant, and antimalarial drugs aren't recommended. Check out the website for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which includes information about which vaccines are safe when pregnant.
  • How is the water, air, and food quality? My good friend lives in Shanghai and my husband is going to see her later this month. I also passed on this trip. When you are traveling you want to drink the water (includes ice, juice, coffee, teeth washing, etc), eat the local delicacies, and walk around in the fresh air. So, you may want to skip places where constant food, water, or air concerns will take the fun out of the trip. If you are set on going to Mexico, or another local with sketchy drinking water, take precautions. Pack some healthy snacks with you, so you'll always have a bite handy.
  • What are you going to pack, how is the weather? When pregnant, you are going to want to travel more lightly than usual. You don't want to be lugging around heavy bags. Also, you will be growing by the day, so pack stretchy clothes that will grow with you :) What fits you in the morning, may be tight after a big meal. Also be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes with lots of support. If the sun is fierce, pack extra sunscreen and a large hat. While pregnant, you can be more susceptible to sun damage, otherwise known as "The Mask of Pregnancy." After a week in the Puerto Rican sun, I wore a hat and gobs of sunscreen, and my freckles are still definitely more noticeable. It was worth it!

Mira Zaslove Photography

  • First Trimester? I live in the Bay Area, and during my first trimester, I spent 5 days in NYC during December. How did it affect my trip? The biggest change was that I was TIRED. I wasn't drinking coffee, going out late, or partying, so my trip was a bit tamer than usual, but I still had a great time walking around the city, taking in the christmas decorations, and had a fabulous time. I took a non-stop flight, and just made sure to drink a lot of water, and sit in the isle seat so I could walk around and make it to the rest room.
  • Second Trimester? Spent weeks 21-25 in London, Israel, and Puerto Rico. All of these trips were awesome. I was less tired than the first trimester, and had a good amount of energy. I didn't get sick once. In London, it was chilly and I didn't pack a large coat, so I had to fork over about400 for a coat that is not going to fit again, but it was worth it. In Puerto Rico, I kayaked, sailed, and rode around in a bumpy jeep. I got a little more sea-sick than usual while sailing, so if you are planning an adventure make sure to pace yourself. Again, make sure to drink lots of water, get rest, and eat smaller meals throughout the day. In Israel, I floated in the Dead Sea. It feels great to be in the water pregnant.

Mira Zaslove Photography

  • Third Trimester? In my last trimester, I'm sticking to local trips, as I've gotten bigger, more tired and uncomfortable. I also don't want to get stuck delivering in conditions I really wasn't prepared for!
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