6 Tips To Staying Healthy At Work

Nowadays, work trends are changing. More and more people with some special skills prefer to work from home rather than commute. This has a number of benefits. Freelancing life is a lot easier than office life. When you work from home, you can move, go anywhere during work, do things out of the work routine, go on spontaneous trips, eat the way you want and, hopefully, earn a lot as well. Some people hate to do office jobs these days because of health concerns. The most stressful thing that happens to people in offices is usually weight gain. The habit of sitting for 8-9 hours every single day impacts their health, making them prone to more diseases and health issues.

According to the most recent statistics, while telecommuting is growing by leaps and bounds, it still accounts for only 2.8% of the the regular workforce. Unionized employees are less likely to have access to work-at-home options than nonunion workers.

Though people can get medicines online, still it needs to be understood that certain habits are damaging your health at work. You don’t have enough time to get out and move around, take a walk, take long breaks and health-enhancing activities. Few people manage to get in touch with specialist fitness trainers, though some strive for it. Even after starting with trainers, some people suffer from weight gain issues. This post deals with the people who want to keep their good health at work and stay that way as long as possible. Here are a number of tips that should be followed by office workers:

Get up and move

The first and most important thing to do at work is to take some time and move around. When you are sitting for hours at one place, it harms your health in multiple ways. This is what all the physicians and fitness trainers recommend to their patients in order to maintain optimum health. This can be done after lunch. Also invite your colleagues and friends at work to join you for a walk and this will also help them stay fit.

Pack your own lunch

When you are at work, you need to avoid sweet and salty snacks -- which is basically all that vending machines carry. Eating food from restaurants and fast food chains is the worst thing you can do to your health. The better way is to pack your own lunch. We also recommend having a healthy breakfast because it keeps you full and you will feel less desire to snack between meals.

Avoid keeping food at your desk

This is something most people don’t realize can develop into a harmful habit. Eating at your desk or work table is not a wise thing to do. It impairs your health in multiple ways. First, you will start eating empty calorie food, it will make you eat more, as you are not moving frequently it will cause weight gain and it’s bound to create a mess.

Take breaks for fresh air

Sitting and working for 9 hours continuously is not good for anyone. Various studies have found that everyone should be working 4 days a week and then 3 days should be for rest, family, enjoyment and varying your routine. Some experts question why we spend the whole day at work and sleep the whole night. Are those really good habits? Take breaks during work with colleagues to enjoy the fresh air outside the office. It will help you stay active, fresh, and bring energy to the body and boost mental performance.

Keep your environment clean

Environment plays a big role when it comes to staying healthy. An untidy person can jeopardize their health. When you are at work, try to decorate the office and nearby area. Your desk should be clean, free from any foods, crumbs, and all trash. It should only have relevant items for work so that you can get your job done and maintain focus.

Avoid artificial sugar

It’s a common habit of people at work to do parties, order fast foods, enjoy soft drinks with artificial sugar and eat desserts. Such habits are unwise. Cold drinks, energy drinks and products with artificial sugar are the major contributors for weight gain and other serious health issues. If you could just avoid extra sugar and focus on natural products like fruits and vegetables, more than 70% of common health issues will be avoided, or at least postponed.

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