6 Top Tips To Navigate The Secret Language of Fear

6. Let go of the ending! I know that whenever I am winding through a personal narrative based in Tomorrow Land I am so deeply in search of the perfect ending, the success, the Golden Ticket. We all do it from time to time, we tell ourselves a complete tale about how something will end or work out without ever allowing ourselves to actually live the reality of the present moment. Why? We are afraid that whatever we are engrossed in and most want will not pan out…we let fear write our endings. If we let go of what can happen we can better embrace what actually IS happening and we can strive toward making our present moments magnificent.

5. Navigate toward your fear! Sounds counterintuitive yet, if we allow our fear to be our map, our guide, our compass…it will inevitably lead us to what we most want! If the stakes were not high, if we did not really want to achieve the thing we are most afraid of, then it probably would not be so scary in the first place. Follow your fears forward because that will lead to EXACTLY the place you most want to be. The trick is to abandon that fear and share the roadway a bit with it once you get there. The unknown is unknown, and with that there is risk and trepidation. We were not born knowing how to do everything. We needed to learn everything that brought us forward to adulthood. We blazed a trail through the unknown over and over as we grew up. Lean into that same ability to navigate and follow in the direction of what scares you.

4. Be curious always! Asking questions of the world around us is not only educational; it is also a perfect way to stop recycling only what we know. I cannot think of a day that does not have some sort of Google search in it for me. We all have this endless library of information at our fingertips. Want to fear “less?” Inquire more!

3. Give yourself a pink permission slip! Waiting for others to tell us it is okay simply does not work. In order to be the powerhouse in our own lives we need to give ourselves the green light to go and to try, not because someone else said we can, but because we said we will! What would you do if only you had permission to do so? Giving yourself permission to choose validates your own worth and values and raises your energy as well. When we understand our worth and our value we combat the insecurities that manifest as fears and often shut us down.

2. Feel full! When you are full, you are fulfilled! Abundance and gratitude cannot co-exist with fear. Abundance and gratitude cancel fear out. Stuck? Try This Now: Incorporate 5 random acts of kindness into your day each and every day! Create a journal to track them. Being of service to others is not only fulfilling it brings your energy up and provides you with a place in which to be creative and giving. Creativity can only breed when fear does not. Do one and you eliminate the other.

1. It’s your choice! The most powerful super tool that you have, that we each have, is our ability to decide for ourselves. What do you really want to be doing and are you doing that right now? Is what you are doing by being fearful, procrastinating, stressing our, or feeling stuck, getting you closer to, or further away from the life you most want? Our fears stick with us all of our lives, what changes is our perception of those fears. You can choose to live in fear and let it control your life or you can choose to have fear, which we all do, and to fear just a bit “less.” Fearing “less” shifts your point of view, allowing you to poke holes in the fear itself, and to quite possibly just move past it anyway! The result? Change and personal growth! So what are you going to choose?

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