6 Transgender-Friendly Employee Benefits You Didn't Know About

With an influx of policies impacting transgender people and transgender rights on the forefront of LGBT issues, more and more workplaces are expanding employee benefit offerings to create a more trans-friendly environment.

A new survey report from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans finds 12 percent of organizations offer transgender-inclusive health care benefits, taking another step toward meeting the needs of a diverse workforce.

The soon to be released report, Employee Benefits Survey 2016, found that U.S. organizations are starting to offer transgender-inclusive health benefits like these six:

1. Gender-reassignment/affirmation surgery -- 8 percent cover
2. Mental health counseling pre-and/or post-surgery -- 11 percent cover
3. Prescription drug therapy (hormone replacement therapy, etc.) -- 9 percent cover
4. Physician visits -- 10 percent cover
5. Lab tests -- 9 percent cover
6. Cosmetic surgery (facial feminization, Adam's apple reduction, etc.) -- 2 percent cover

Employees aren't just looking at their potential salary when considering where to work. They are looking for inclusive organizations that offer a range of benefits to serve a diverse population. I think this is just the start and more organizations will be offering transgender benefits as part of their overall health care offerings.

The Employee Benefits Survey 2016 is set to release next month.