6 Ways to Automatically Grow Your Email List Overnight

6 Ways to Automatically Grow Your Email List Overnight
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Who says you have to work every day to grow an email list?

Forget about publishing multiple blog posts every week hoping to get more subscribers. We have a few tricks that will help grow your email list automatically.

These strategies are simple. Just set it, forget it, and watch your email subscriber numbers go up.

Is this even possible? Let’s find out.

Can You Grow an Email List Overnight?

Technically speaking, there are no secret tricks for getting hundreds of email subscribers “overnight” unless you manage to go viral on social media. Of course, that’s nearly impossible because you can’t really plan for a blog post to go viral.

However, the strategies we’re about to tell you will certainly help get more subscribers for your email list every day, automatically without your help. And they will keep adding more subscribers to your email list even while you sleep.

Let’s jump right in and find out what these strategies really are.

#1 Run a Facebook Ad Campaign

Much like all the great shortcuts in life, this strategy also requires a small monetary investment. But, running a Facebook ad campaign is the best method you can use to grow your email list overnight without much effort and it offers guaranteed results.

Facebook Ads is the easiest advertising platform for beginners. Unlike AdWords, Facebook Ads platform is easy to understand and you can get started with a few simple clicks.

Facebook Ads now lets you create an ad campaign to promote your email list through your business page and get more subscribers. All you have to do is create an ad campaign targeting your preferred audience and with a fixed budget.

You can either link to one of the landing pages on your blog or connect your email marketing service directly with Facebook using a service like Zapier.

There are bloggers out there who’s found great success with this strategy. Some have been able to grow their email list by over 500 subscribers by only spending around $220.

#2 Create Subscriber-Only Content

Turning your blog posts into premium content is another great strategy you can use to generate more subscribers from your blog.

Using Google Analytics, find out which of your blog posts perform the best and lock those articles behind an email opt-in form. This will ask readers to subscribe to your email list in order to access the article.

This is the same strategy best-selling author, Tim Ferriss use on his blog to grow his email list.

You can easily create a similar content lock to generate more leads using an email opt-in plugin like OptinMonster. In addition to a content blocking feature, OptinMonster comes with many other tools like pop-up messages, embed forms, slide-in opt-in forms, and more for easily growing your email list.

#3 Offer Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are a type of lead magnet that you can use alongside your blog posts to allow visitors to take their learning experience to the next level.

For example, a simple content upgrade would offer a checklist or a case study at the end of a blog post to intrigue users to signup for your email list. Of course, you will be using an opt-in form to gather the user’s email for delivering the content upgrade via email.

Content upgrades are more effective than other traditional lead magnets. Mostly because someone who opts in to receive an additional piece of content will always be interested in receiving more tips on the same topic. You can leverage this when converting your leads into customers.

#4 Use Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Exit intent is a technology used in email opt-in plugins to convert website abandoning visitors into leads. When equipped with the technology, your opt-in plugin will accurately predict when a visitor is about to leave your website and it will show a pop-up message to capture their attention.

This non-intrusive and attention-grabbing feature will help you make the most of your website traffic and even lower your website’s bounce rate.

#5 Launch A Giveaway Competition

If there’s one way that’s guaranteed to make you go moderately viral on social media, that is by launching a giveaway competition.

Hosting a giveaway competition will not only help you get people to promote your blog with their followers for free, it will also allow you to collect the emails of the participants as well.

Rafflecopter is an easy tool you can use to smoothly run a giveaway competition on your blog and also collect emails at the same time.

#6 Pin A Tweet Linking To Your Landing Page

Go to your Twitter profile and launch Twitter Analytics. On the analytics summary, you’ll notice that hundreds of people are actually visiting your profile every month.

Why not take advantage of this free traffic and promote your email list?

Simply tweet a link to your landing page where you offer a lead magnet and pin that tweet to the top of your profile. A pinned tweet will always stay on top of your profile, allowing your visitors to see it first when they land on your Twitter profile.

You can use this same tactic on your Facebook page as well.


These are just a few of the most effective strategies that automatically grow email lists.

There are plenty more you can experiment with, like adding a slide-in opt-in form, upgrading your old pop-up forms with two-step opt-in forms, and using welcome gates to get the attention of your visitors.

Finding the right strategies that work for your blog will help you save time that goes into promotions and focus on what matters most: Developing quality content.

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