6 Ways to be More Creative Every Day

Humans are programmed with the want to create. Whether we think we are creative or not, the truth is that finding a creative outlet is something we are all seeking out. If you want to harness your inner creativity and start living a life based around more art and expression, here are a few tips.

Arts & Crafts

This option is perfect for those of you who don't believe that you have any artistic skills. While painting a picture may seem too extreme, following directions to make a craft may be much more manageable. From Youtube and books to classes and magazines, you can find instructions for creating all kinds of crafts. Make decorations, color by number or create your own beaded jewelry; choose whatever interests you the most.


Cooking is another way to get creative in your daily life. Just the act of making something out of ingredients can make you feel accomplished each day. Gather up a bunch of random ingredients from your refrigerator and see what you can come up with OR, browse through a couple of recipe books and see if you can create something that sounds delicious. You will get to use your hands, mind and taste buds for this activity.

Video Tape

Life can be a work of art just in itself and if you can capture some of your best moments, you can remember them forever. Vacations, adventures, performances or just daily living can make interesting content for you to turn into mini videos and share with friends and family. There is so much technology out there these days that you don't have to be a pro either. Grab a Go Pro, a drone or just use your cell phone camera to capture each and every moment.

Your Clothes

Getting dressed each morning can be an act of creativity too! If you look at your closet and accessories, chances are that you have hundreds of combinations that could be made into new outfits. Experiment with colors and patterns, cuts and styles until you have come up with a sense of fashion that is truly your own. Take it a step further by curating your hair and makeup to be just as much of a creative expression too!

Your Living Space

People pay interior designers big bucks for what they do, and for good reason. Your living space is one of the ultimate displays of your creativity so don't let anyone do it for you. Use the furniture and decorations that you already have and re-work or furbish them to fit a new style that you may want to experiment with. If you want to change it up completely, head to the store and start using your inner creative to design something that will make you feel newly inspired.

Make Things

Making things is the ultimate display of creativity and is what may make you feel the most fulfilled. Knit a sweater, paint a picture, take a photo or write a poem; all of these things can be used as an outlet. Make music, choreograph a dance or design an event, whatever it is, if it wasn't there before, you have the chance to create it and make it yours.