6 Ways To Better Understand (and Also Care For) Yourself

Do you feel like life can be too rough? Do you feel like you could deal with tough circumstances in a better way? How often do you encourage yourself to push through difficult or stressful times? Maybe you could use a better understanding of self—or self-awareness—to create more motivation.

Here are 6 ways to better understand—and also care for—yourself, and, in turn, make it through the stress and challenges presented your way:

1. Identify what is your biggest stressor, and accept it.

If you are going through a tough and uncertain period in your life, try to identify what it is that creates feelings of doubt, stress, frustration, etc. Once you feel like you’ve got a good grasp, tell yourself that you accept it. Repeat the thought process daily and this could help you feel more productive and positive.

2. Let go of your concerns during down time.

If you have a lot on your mind, and work seems to frustrate, remember that your concerns don’t need to eat up your down time. When going to sleep, or on weekends (if you’re not working), you will be far off better by letting go of your worries. How so? Consider encouraging self-talk reminding yourself to “let it go,” or chose to focus on at least one thing you are grateful for at night. Also, make sure to spend down time enjoying yourself with those you care about and who care about you. Recharging is essential.

3. Confide in your closest friends and family who care for you.

It is crucial to express our emotions to loved ones when we feel like it is too much. Make sure to take time to express yourself. Self-expression can help you identify bottled-up emotions. This is also crucial for recharging. If finding the right person is difficult, consider a health professional.

4. Remember, success is in maintaining personal growth during the journey and not only achieved by reaching your end goal.

It is easy to feel like success is defined by reaching an end point or destination. By thinking this way, we can lose focus of how rewarding the journey can be for us. Money, fame, status and education are easy to be consumed by. However, the growth process while being guided on your journey can afford the greatest satisfaction day in and day out. Keep your eyes on personal growth, and the rewards will feel even richer when you make it to the finish line.

5. Remember, putting in the effort is in your control.

Whether you are becoming more self-aware, writing down goals, or spending time in office meetings, putting in effort and taking a shot at bigger goals like a promotion, new house or new business is really the most you can do. Perhaps some times you will have a little more luck compared to other instances. You are really doing the best you can do by putting in the effort. Remind yourself of that.

6. Stay grounded in who you are in order to stay self-aware.

When change affects us, we may each react differently. The best thing to do is stay grounded in who you are in order to feel the most self-aware. By staying self-aware, it is more likely that your relationships are stronger since you are likely more emotionally available to others. As a result of stronger relationships, your life can be more fulfilling. Rather than being controlled by outside factors such as fame, status, or money, your understanding of self will help you prevail during transitions and be truly successful.

In turn, these are 6 ways for those seeking to better understand and care for one self. Hopefully, if applied, these tips can bring added focus, satisfaction and benefit!

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