6 Ways To Save More Money

6 Ways To Save More Money
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More money would make your life better right? It's a common thought for most people out in the world. The solution for many is to get a second job or pick up odd gigs in an attempt to earn some extra income. However, there are other options out there that will let you keep your free time while still saving money to invest in to your life and future. If you're ready to save but not ready to give up your free time, here are a few tips for making it work.

Take Care of Your Health

Taking care of your health on a daily basis can be a huge investment. Health care costs are rising and medications and treatments can put people in debt if they don't have the money to pay for them. By taking care of yourself through exercise and healthy eating each day, you can potentially cut down costs on health care in general.

Live Below Your Means

It's a simple concept but one that people seem to have difficulty with. Living below your means essentially means spending less money than you could actually spend while still being comfortable. If you can comfortably live below your means each day, you may be surprised at how much money you can keep.

Seek Out Deals on Thing You're Buying Anyway

Spending money is inevitable. Sometimes you just need to buy things in order to get by. A recent research of consumer expenditure shows that people spend 40% of their income on clothes. So, next time you are shopping online, include a clothing discount website in your shopping tour. Research coupon codes, and look for special promotions before taking out gold out of your wallet. It may cost you a little bit in time but the savings will add up throughout the year.


Do you have a skill? If you know how to do something well, consider joining a bartering group online or within your social circle. Not only will you be able to network with others but you can trade your skills and services to get what you need without spending a penny. Trade plumbing services for lawn care of interior design for mechanic work on your car.

Cut Things Out

Saving money each month will require you to evaluate your monthly spending and start to cut some things out. Do you have gym memberships, magazine subscriptions or Netflix? And, more importantly, do you really need to be spending money on them? Did you know that gym membership owners only go twice a week on average?! If you think that you could exercise at home, read online articles for free and borrow movies from friends, do that instead of shelling out money each and every month.


If you're a crafty person, here is your chance to save some money while practicing your craft. Start digging into new hobbies that also will help you reduce your spending. Learn how to sew or knit if you want to save money on clothes and accessories and how to put the right ingredients together in order to make soaps, makeup and hygiene products. Even taking up gardening can help you create the ingredients you need to make crafty, healthy and delicious meals.

Start Thrifting

The thrift store is as good a place as any to shop for your necessities. These kinds of stores are full of hidden gems and can cut your costs down drastically. Look for used clothes, books, house-wares and even gifts at the thrift store and watch as your pay check seems to last longer and longer.

Sell Things You Don't Need

Take a good look around your home and evaluate the things that you don't use any more. If your items are sitting in storage, cluttering up your closet and piled in boxes, it may be time to get rid of them. Use sites like E-bay and Craigslist to sell them or have a yard sale in front of your home.

Go For Quality Over Quantity

Millennials these days are leading the way in proving the benefits of quality over quantity. While you can buy cheap clothes and food, chances are, they are going to break or cause your health to decline in the end which will end up costing you more money than you spent up front. By shelling out more money for quality items that you really need, you will save cash in the long run.

Schedule Maintenance on Expensive Belongings

If you've decided to spend the money on a quality item like a car or washing machine, make sure to schedule time for maintenance. Making expensive items last will surely save you money in the end so it's worth your while to fix them up a little at a time.

Have anything to add? What are some other ways that people can save money without working more?

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