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6 Ways to Shift Your Mindset to a Whole New Level

Here are six things you can do, right now to empower yourself and move closer to the life you deserve:
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Have you ever felt frustrated or discouraged in your life or career? Does it seem like everyone else is moving faster toward their goals and dream life and with more ease than you are?
Sure you have had some success, but every time you have a win, backwards you go again. You're probably thinking what is going on here? Why do I struggle so much?

And the answer is simple: Your belief system and subconscious mind needs reprogramming.

Your belief system is stored in the subconscious mind, created from childhood moments where you were taught someone else's beliefs, or where you decided that this was the way your life is going to be. This programming runs in the background most of the time. Your conscious adult mind is competing with it, constantly!

So now you know why, when you want to bring something into your life that does not already exist in it, your body and mind get distracted, fearful, start comparing and self-sabotaging. Emotions come up or negative mind chatter takes over and you get stuck in a loop of your old programming like: I am not enough, Life is difficult, I will never find my soul mate, I am always in debt, I have to be perfect etc.

This subconscious programming does not want you to leave your comfort zone and it will do anything to make sure you stay there. It will sabotage your creativity, energy and even your health.

If you want to move past this programming so you can finally have the life and business you truly desire, you'll have to face up to these old beliefs and start making some changes.

Here are six things you can do, right now to empower yourself and move closer to the life you deserve:

1. Allow, Don't Judge
This isn't just about judging your thoughts, this is about allowing them. What we resist persists. When you allow yourself to observe your thoughts, you create a space to manifest something that does not already exist. Allowing opens up the flow and creativity of new possibilities.

2. Ask Questions
We have been conditioned to not ask questions. For many, asking questions is a sign of weakness, embarrassing, wrong or it means you are a failure. Asking yourself the right questions instead of judging, opens up a space for you to receive new information that you may not have considered or allowed previously. Ask: What is possible here? What is good about this? What do I not know that I need to know to make this work beneficially in my life? How does it get any better than this?

The answers may not come immediately, and that's okay. The point is you offered something different for your mind to focus on. What you ask, you shall receive.

3. Write It Down
Write down all the secrets about you that you do not want to reveal to anyone, not even yourself. This exercise will shine a light on everything that is in the way of your progress and will lessen its hold on you, allowing you to receive more of what you do want.

4. Visualize What You Want
Use visualization to see your worries and concerns, allow them to unfold in your mind's eye without judgment. Thank them for showing you what is really going on.

Now ask your worries and concerns to bow out. You no longer need them. You got this!

Then play a new scene out in your mind of the success and life you desire. The subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between real and imagined, which is why this works.

5. Use Your Energy
Now this may seem a bit different, but you've probably heard the phrase, everything is energy, and that's because it is. Here's how to use that to your advantage: Using your hands, mind and words, pull the energy of what you want towards you.

Ask whatever it is you want in your life to come play with you. Look at this as a playful experiment!

If you are new to this, start with something small like butterflies or a particular book. Then use this for manifesting things that matter like: money, clients or happiness! Use your imagination and watch what happens.

6. Value Yourself
No one can ever value you more than you can. Make yourself and your life a priority. Set aside designated times to do something to propel yourself forward in life and create what you deserve and desire.

Commit to five days a week until it becomes a habit.

Only you will really know what needs to change, and only you can make those changes. In order to design and create something different, you have to do something different.

Make this self-discovery journey a fun adventure. Imagine you are digging for hidden treasure, the treasures within.

You may want to start with just one of these exercises and master it before adding a new one. These practices will build your confidence and chip away at the old patterns holding you back.
Be consistent and persistent. Everything takes time to manifest. Just as art or sculptures take time to bring into existence, the same is true with your life creations. Stick with it 'till your art piece is finished.

When you clear the programming and beliefs deep inside your mind, your life starts to flow with more joy and ease. Less effort will be required, as the struggle with yourself is gone. More opportunities are revealed, as there is no longer any limiting program in your way. You see them and grab them! Problems are solved right away, because you naturally become solution-oriented and more creative.

So now you are strong, confident inside and out, in your life or career.

About the Author: Terry Dika Volchoff is a Progressive Neural Resolution Therapist (PNRT) and Conscious Bars® Practitioner (CB®P) who has struggled with her own past programming and limitations. Having found permanent resolutions thru PNRT and CB®, she knows that all of life's limitations can be resolved. She works passionately with people who are ready to up their game and break free of their past programming.

Terry Dika Volchoff,
Certified, Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy (PNRT)
Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars® (ACB®)
Phone: 905-979-7323

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