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6 Ways You Can Get Inspired by Red Carpet Style No Matter Your Size

The truth is that great style transcends size. One of the biggest misconceptions people have around style is that they need to see it on someone who has the exact same body type as theirs.
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When you watch celebs on the red carpet are you admiring the dazzling gowns and glamorous fashion... or wondering when was the last time that actress ate carbs?

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, and I for one will be kicking back with a glass of bubbly to enjoy one of the biggest fashion moments of the year. As a stylist I've seen how celebrity fashion can be an amazing source of inspiration for your personal wardrobe -- the red carpet is fabulous for spotting upcoming trends and gleaning ideas! -- but I've also found that a lot of women really struggle with this.

For many women, seeing a designer ensemble they love on a size 0 actress can trigger thoughts of "but she's so skinny, I could never wear something like that," and they end up disregarding the magical spark of inspiration they felt.

The truth is that great style transcends size. One of the biggest misconceptions people have around style is that they need to see it on someone who has the exact same body type as theirs. The key to using your inspiration is actually to take those style elements that you're attracted to and make them your own.

Topics like "body positivity" and "plus is equal" and the ways that "not so skinny" women are (mis)represented in the media are beginning to gain traction, but real change is not going to happen overnight. In the meantime let's ditch this mindset that you can't be inspired by a celeb just because they're not your size, and focus on how to translate the styles we love for our own bodies -- whatever our size, whatever our shape.

Here are six ways you can translate red carpet trends into your own personal style:

1. Colors
Notice what colors designers are using. Do you see a lot of pink, yellow, metallic? The red carpet is a good indicator of what colors are going to be popular in the spring and into the coming year. Take note of the colors that you're excited to see, and next time you're out shopping look for a statement piece in your favorite on-trend color. Remember: it's all about observing what's going on and then exploring what excites you.

2. Jewelry
How are celebs styling their jewelry? Are you seeing bold and elaborate statement necklaces? Or simple, classic pieces? You can follow these cues when accessorizing your own outfits, and when you're refreshing your jewelry collection with new pieces. One of my favorite sites, BaubleBar, is a great source for on-trend jewelry.

3. Beauty
What makeup and hair trends are you seeing? Are a lot of actresses doing bold lips? Playing up their eyes? Are you loving J-Law's eyeliner? Eva Green's lip shade? Try something new and exciting with your makeup the next time you go out! And if you're not sure how to achieve a certain look, Pinterest and YouTube are excellent resources for beauty tutorials.

4. Shapes
Take notice of the silhouettes you're seeing on the red carpet. Not everyone wears a ball gown. Maybe some non-traditional dress shapes are catching your eye. Or an interesting neckline you would love to try out. In 2014 I saw both Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Walsh wearing a peplum dress on the red carpet and absolutely loved it. I then went out and found the perfect peplum top for myself!

5. Fabrics & Textures
Are there any fabrics or textures catching your eye? Elegant gowns featuring lace? Edgy garments with sheer elements? When you're out shopping, look for garments that feature the elements that you find exciting. Remember: whatever your inspiration is, you don't have to replicate it, just make it your own!

6. Know Your Body Shape
This holds true for any time you're translating style inspiration (not just award season!). We all have unique bodies; the better you know your body type , the better you'll be able to style pieces so they look fabulous on you, or choose the styles that best suit your shape. Not sure how to determine your body type? Convinced you're an hourglass? Check out my video on "Why the Hourglass Myth is Hurting Your Style."

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