6 Ways Your Friends Costs Too Much Money To Hang Out With!

Pulling Money out of Wallet
Pulling Money out of Wallet

You and I get it: frugal living leads to comfortable living.

But you realize most people don't live by that mantra?

And finding people to discuss the frugal life with is quite challenging! You're current friends think your lifestyle is a buzzkill. You're always harping about much this and that costs and just ruining a good (but expensive) time!

And while they may have a point, it's your life. You made the choice to go minimalist for a reason. Like me, you're trying to pay off massive debt, save for a vacation, or just made it a point to live a more financially responsible life.

And explaining that to your friends can be like talking to a damn horse!

It's time to be honest with yourself and realize that maybe your friends are costing you way too much cash to chill with.

So peep these 6 ways to tell your friends cost too much money!

They love the bar, but not the museums. Albeit, museums don't come with the excitement as the drunk chic passed out on the dance floor does, but there's nothing wrong with switching up the chill night once and a while. When your friends can only find ways to spend YOUR cash on date nights and cocktail events, find some more friends before your savings start to take a turn for the worst!

They Don't Know How To Pay You Back! I hate these types of friends; the ones that bring up every excuse under the moon to not give you that $50 you lent them. Friends often times don't realize you have financial obligations outside of their drama and will take advantage of it. They may not be doing it on purpose but it doesn't matter. Kindly remind them of their debt to you. If they decide to bring up the favors they did for you in 4th grade, let it go and never lend them a dime again.

They're Inconsiderate Of Your Time and Paycheck. You ever have family members or friends that want to vacation in London, Paris and everywhere in between that's outside of everyone else's budget? I mean, really? I understand wanting to have a great time but I should not have to dip into my 401k to do it. What really drives me bananas are friends that want to get married in these exotic locations at the extra low price of thousands of dollars in plane tickets and hotels to you! Not to mention the expectation of a wedding gift!

They Try To Eat Lobster on a Chicken Wing Budget. They always wanna ball outta control...broke. One time my friend was telling me about a friend he went to a grocery store with. This individual tried to purchase $300 worth of food. When he found out he was short at the register, dude just walked out, leaving my homeboy looking like a complete fool! Or what about the individuals who go out to dinner and order half the menu only to try and walk out the tab. Seen that numerous times! How tacky!!

They're Selfish as F*ck! Several years ago, a former (keyword: former) friend of mine wanted to get a bunch of friends together and watch a movie. We decided to pay a visit to a restaurant, though half of us were not even hungry. My "friend" decided to order some things along with a few other girls only to struggle paying the bill when it came around. Can you believe this broad had the audacity to say to everyone "Damn, ya'll should have brought more money!" Needless to say, I ain't from her in over a decade and have no desire to.

They Insult Your Financially Responsible Lifestyle. This is the most bothersome of all to me. You're thinking about which 529 plan to select for your children while they are trying to find the most expensive pair of shoes for their kids and then laugh at you when you settle for Sketchers instead of Jordans. They laugh at the fact you glad go thrift store shopping, not realizing you save hundreds in clothes for the year. "Cheap ass," "tightwad," or even "selfish" are how they describe your money habits.

While we love our friends dearly, maintaining the relationship of money leeches can be exhausting and down right unfair to you. You shouldn't have to explain why you're financial responsible let alone be ridiculed for it. If they have such an issue with you not wanting to be spend happy with them, it may be time to divorce your friends for good!