6 Women Share How They’ve Redefined Beauty In New Dove Campaign

"My looks have nothing to do with my capabilities."

You define your beauty. 

That's the message behind the new Dove campaign #MyBeautyMySay. The campaign, which launched Tuesday morning, features the stories of badass women proudly expressing their beauty. 

"My Beauty My Say" includes six separate videos featuring six women's personal stories about how they define their own beauty every single day. The six women include androgynous model Rain Dove, boxer Heather Hardy, plus-size fashion blogger Jessica Torres and more. 

“They said I was too pretty to fight," Hardy says in the video above.

"They said I was too fat, only skinny girls could dress well," Torres says. 

"They said I was too masculine," Dove says. 

But these accomplished ladies pointed out that the negative comments didn't stop them from achieving their goals. Dove is a world-renowned model and Torres is a successful fashion blogger. And Hardy's pretty face definitely didn't stop her from becoming the UBF and WBC Super Bantamweight International Champion

According to the beauty brand, 7 out of 10 women believe that women receive more compliments and comments on their looks than their accomplishments. Dove also found that 74 percent of the women surveyed agreed that there are other unique characteristics of a woman -- not just her looks -- that make her beautiful. 

As Dove says in regards to all those naysayers and critics:

Yes, yes, and more yes. 

Head to YouTube to hear more from each woman in Dove's #MyBeautyMySay campaign. 



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