Lori Anne Madison, 6-Year-Old Spelling Bee Champion, Out-Spells FOX Reporter (VIDEO)

Well, that's a-w-k-w-a-r-d.

Earlier this month, Lori Anne Madison became the youngest student to qualify for the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee. The eloquent Virginia native beat 21 elementary and middle school students in a county competition to gain entrance into the prestigious contest.

So when FOX 5 local reporter Paul Raphel summoned her to a match, Lori Anne was more than up for the challenge.

The first word went to Lori Anne, who correctly spelled "okapi" without hesitation. Raphel, on the other hand, wasn't so confident as he stumbled through his word: "tourniquet."

"T-e-r-n-i-c-h-e-," he inquires.

"Not even close," says the mediator.

To be fair, maybe compression bandages aren't Raphel's strong suit. But can the reporter redeem himself? Head over to MyFoxDC.com or watch the video (at 1:30) above to find out.

Via Babble.